Mom Knows Best

by Rick

Mom wanted me to write this as my cock is deep in her warm tight ass hole.

It's a little hard to write this and fuck her awesome sweet round ass trying to concentrate on typing and pumping my cock up her ass at the same time she wants me to described every sensation as I feel it Oh yeah Mom!

She is now rotating her hips and squeezing my shaft at the same time as I fuck her.

Mom loves when I fuck her perfect firm round ass, she says she can achieve orgasms more intense with anal then with vaginal fucking.

She's moaning as her body shakes she's cumming now I try and grab her hip with one hand and hold this phone with the other I pick up the pace pumping in fast and slowly sliding.

My shaft out till only the head of my cock is in then ramming it back in deep she's panting Oh Yes Fuck Me Fuck Mommies Ass Hole Good Baby.

This is So hot describing how much she is getting off on me fucking her. Her ass canal is milking my shaft I squirt some more lube on my cock head and shaft then plunge it in fast and deep mom yells out yes baby Fuck mommies Ass hole tell me how much you love mommies ass hole.

l tell her oh mom your are a dirty whore and I love Fucking your hot tight ass hole You Fucking Butt Slut Take My Cock Deep mom's Cumming Again her pussy juices are soaking my balls and running down her inner thighs oh fuck did she just cum so hard she pissed?

No it's just her pussy gushing out her cum I hammer her ass hole oops dropped the phone I'm back now I moan out I'm going to fill your Ass hole with my cum.

I can't hold out any longer and l push in as deep as I can my balls tighten and my whole shaft start twitching I blast my cum deep into mom's bouls oh Fuck you Fucking whore I'm cumming I moan.

Mom screams out cum up mommies ass baby it was too late not to cum up her ass I was already shooting my load in her.

l held my cock inside her as her ass milked every drop of cum out of me she leaned forward as she was on her hands and knees my cock popped out fallowed by a flood of cum her ass hole stayed open then slowly closed.

Mom collapsed on her stomach on the bed l layed next to her we kissed deeply.

l tried to write this as it was happening but I lost control dropping the phone again lost in the incredible lust of fucking mom's sweet ass.

So I finished up this true story as I lay next to the most Beautiful Sexy Woman My Own Mother.

Now that's she pregnant she craves my cock up her ass eve more.

Mom says hi everyone she is still horny she is sucking my cock back to full hardness right now Dam Mom is a Incredible Cocksucker getting ready for Round 2 Up Mom's Perfect Ass.

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