Mom Introduces Me To Her Friends

by Rick

Mom said her friends want to have a male join them for the first time and she told them to come over and I do them both. I was up for it mom said she wanted to stay and watch this will be the first time for me to fuck a woman other then mom.

Mom is so good in bed I have never wanted a another pussy, years earlier l had fucked my sister but no one but mom since then.

It started out slowly so I took charge started out by reaching over taking her man's cock in my hand stroking his shaft as I sucked and nibbled his wife's nipples soon l was between her legs she eagerly spread wide for me, my tongue ran up and down her slit tasting a new pussy other then mom's, I dove in licking and sucking her good still jacking her husband's cock.

She moaned bucking her hips up to meet my tongue I sucked her clit driving her crazy her husband was leaning in closer so l moved over and licked the pre cum off his cock head taking him into my mouth sucking his head.

I rubbed his balls as I sucked him in deeper into my mouth I could feel he was getting close to cumming so l stopped and went back to licking his wife's pussy.

I looked over at mom and she had her whole hand in her pussy and was pinching her nipple with the other hand mom was fisting herself enjoying what I was doing to her friends.

I licked and fingered the woman to orgasm one after the other each one stronger then the last her pussy was pouring pussy juice out it was like she was peeing but it tasted like pussy juice.

Now it was time to get him off taking his cock back into my mouth I sucked and licked his shaft getting head from a man for the first time is something awesome and he was loving it.

Mom was moaning and cumming she said SUCK his Cock baby Swallow his Cum Baby Suck it Oh Yes l love watching my boy suck cock that inspired me on and I sucked his cock like a mad man.

He was moaning I felt his shaft swell in my mouth and felt his peppery cum flood my mouth mom yelled swallow his cum l gulped it down he collapsed next to his wife totally drained .

My rock hard cock needed attention so l aimed it at his wife's red lips she hesitated for a moment then opened up dam this woman could suck cock even better then mom, I pumped her face and she sucked like a pro l pulled my cock off her lips made a pop sound l moved over to her husband he eagerly excepted my cock.

He gently sucked, l said suck harder man as he did, his wife pulled my cock out of his mouth and gobbled it down her throat sucking and moaning she was insanely sucking.

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