Mom Gives Me My Favorite Treat

by Rick

Last night mom came home late and woke me up and said baby mommies got your favorite treat she climbed in bed straddled my chest moving her pussy up to my mouth.

I could see her pussy was all puffy from being fucked good I could smell her aroused pussy and the fresh cum.

My cock grew to full attention as I inhaled the musky aroma I love eating mom's freshly fucked pussy creampie tasting mom's pussy juices mingled with a man's cum is truly a delicacy.

I eagerly slurped out the thick creamy cum making sure to suck on mom's swollen clit as I did making her moan and grind her slick pussy on my lips, oh baby that's it eat mommies cum filled pussy.

She groaned as she rolled over and took my cock deep into her warm wet mouth and sucked on my cock as I drank her sweet sticky treat that oozed out of her pussy hole I sucked and sucked till I had all of the cum out enjoying every drop.

I arched my hips up pushing my cock down mom's throat and groaned out as I shot my load of cum down the throat this made mom cum too I lapped up her juices, I rolled her off me got between her wide spread legs and rammed my cock home deep into the pussy I had come out of years ago.

Nothing in this world is as pleasureful as fucking your own slut mother's pussy, I have only fucked two women in my life my mom and my sister we enjoy keeping it in the family.

Making Mommy Cum
Mama's Boy (Clovis, Ca, USA)

Mom was a conniving bitch. Always demanding every thing. It's always come here and lick my pussy or get the fuck over here and fuck me NOW!

I eventually got sick and tired or her constant bitching and her insatiable lust for my incestuous cock. Her boyfriends were allowed to suck my cock and get me hard then sodomize me constantly. I began to like it until my mom insisted I only have sex with her.

Mother had a voracious appetite for my young and virile cock and enjoyed the way I got her off. I started spiking her drinks with various drugs. Addictive drugs that made her compliant to my will.

The midazolam got her whoozy then the amphetamines got her going like you wouldn't believe. Soon very dependent on the drugs she was willing to do the most depraved and perverted acts imaginable.

I got my revenge. Fucking her tight ass made her squeal with delight. I used a powerful vibrator on her clit as I gave her ass a good hard pounding. She learned to enjoy it as I brutally used her to no end. My friends also made her pull a gang fuck that she thoroughly loved.

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