Mom Enjoying Life: Part 2

by Vennie (FL)

Darla leaned back o the bed and Brian eased himself on top of her.

Darla closed her eyes as she felt her vagina being penetrated by her son’s stiff penis a third time, and enjoyed the luxury of now knowing what to expect in feeling the shape of his male organ in hers.

“Umm …” Brian intoned as he felt the warm, wet softness of his mom’s vagina enveloping his boner. He pulled partially back and went in again, and began to doing this with a steady, easy rhythm.

“Ohhhh.” Darla breathed. “Ohhhh … I haven’t fucked like this in years.”

Brian was surprised to hear his mom use the F-word.

“It feels good to fuck you, mom,” he said, using that word, too.

“Ohhh … oh, yes … your penis feels so good in me.”

“Oh, mom … you’re making y dick so big and stiff …”

“Oh, your dick feels so good,” she told him. She had never really talked like this before, and she found it exciting and pleasurable to do that with him. “Just fuck me. Fuck me.”

Brian continued to slide his enormous stiff erection back and forth though his mom’s vaginal lips that were deep down in her hairy folds, its rigid length going all the way into her again and again.

Darla felt her pronounced clitoris urging her naked sexuality on.

“Oh, Brian … Brian … you’re going to make me cum …”

“Good, mom,” he said as his male organ labored in her.

“Oh! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Keep fucking me!”

Brain energetically thrust his rigid penis into his mom’s wet reproductive organ with passionate strokes.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she panted as she lay there beneath him being sexually violated until she could no longer resist the effects her son’s boner hammering into her. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Darla was overwhelmed by her orgasm.

She threw her head back on the pillow as she struggled and climaxed uncontrollably beneath her son, her legs apart to receive her son’s maleness into her cunt. She had never even used the word “cunt” before, and now she felt like a cunt all over and it was so wonderful.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ….. Ahhhhhh … Ahhhhhhhhh …” she moaned and gasped.

“Ohhhhhh …Ohhh …Ohhh…”

As the intensity of his mom’s orgasm was easing, Brian allowed his erection to ejaculate in her. His boner throbbing in her as far as it could go, his semen surging out to fill her vagina with his sperm.

Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” he grunted with each pleasurable pulse. It was so incredibly gratifying to be ejaculating his mom.

It was no less so for Darla.

“Oh, Brian … oh, honey …” she gasped, realizing what he was doing in her.

Even without impregnation taking place, the completion of the reproductive act taking place in her was meaningful and significant for both of them and as such a satisfying fulfillment.

Her hands held his back as she received his wet discharge of sperm within her birth canal.

When it was over a moment later they both could only sigh with a pleasant exhaustion, savoring their physical intimacy.

Wearily Brian got off and laid beside her on the bed.

Darla looked at him and touched her fingers to his face, lightly caressing is cheek. “Oh, honey … it’s so special for a mother to be able to do this with her son.”

“It’s special for a son to be able to this with his mother,” Brian said.

The idea of their never having experienced this together as mother and son now seemed an unthinkable one. It was the fulfillment of the bond that existed between them. It was deep and spiritual.

Yet, at the same time, it was so exciting and thrilling to be fucking as mother and son. This was an aspect not to be overlooked, either. Just the pure shared sexual delight. All of this being something which many mothers and sons so happily discovered. It was loving and wonderful and exciting and pleasing.

Darla now appeared just a little modestly self-conscious as she recovered from her revealing uninhibited sexual display. “I know that we shouldn’t be fucking as mother and son, she said. “But I really love doing it with you. It’s just so exciting and so meaningful.”

“I love doing it with you too, mom,” Brain said.

They did a small kiss on the lips.

Darla blew out a breath. “Maybe some lunch? I think that we could use a few calories.”

“That sounds great,” Brain said.

As she sat up she grinned in an almost mischievous fashion. “Maybe we can just stay naked. It’d be more fun that way.”

“Sounds good to me,” Brian said. He was not used to seeing his mom being so uninhibited, and he liked it.

Darla liked it, too. She would have never done that with his father. But with her son, it was wonderful to be able to do.

“You know,” she said as she stood up, “it’s so nice to be loved, to be fucked, and just to enjoy life.”

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