Mom Enjoying Life: Part 1

by Vennie (FL)

“I can’t believe that I’m doing this with my son,” Darla said as she and Brian got undressed in her bedroom.

“I like doing it with my mom,” Bran said happily.

“I like doing it with you, too. It’s fun,” she admitted. “But it’s so … I don’t know. Daring for a mother to have sex with her own son.”

Brian smiled over his mom’s diffidence. They had had sex two times before. The first time had been unplanned and unexpected, and somehow they had just let themselves become carried away.

It had been sort of fumbling and awkward and they had both been very self-conscious, and then afterwards unsure. Then a week later they had been interested in doing it again, in a more controlled and deliberate way, and it had been a wonderful experience.

Although, again, overshadowed by the fact that they were mother and son and that having sex together was seen as something not done. Although, this was actually not as uncommon as many people thought.

That morning Brian had come over to her place just to see his mom, and the thought that they might have sex again was very enticing for both of them. So it had required very little encouragement for them to find themselves in her bedroom with the desire to do that.

Brian was already having an erection by the time that his pants came off. He saw his naked mom noticing. “Do you like that?” he said feeling proud of his masculine display.

“Yes,” Darla said and smirked, knowing that she was being teased as she observed her son’s handsomely large and thick erection curving up, with the sizable glans shiny smooth and fully expanded out.

She was forty-seven. He was twenty-nine. She had been divorced from his father for nearly ten years, and he had been divorced for three years after five years of marriage. Darla was attractive, with dark hair and dark eyes, small breasted with a slender physique.

After the divorce she had not been interested in dating especially or becoming involved in any sort of a serious relationship. She had been married at eighteen, going from being a girl straight into marriage and becoming pregnant and living the domestic life.

Then after ten years the marriage had started to wear, and the next ten years had been rather miserable ones. Finally, with the divorce, with her son grown, she found herself having her own life.

She had liked that, although her newly awaken sexual feelings had surprised her. For years that had just been something that was routine, more or less a duty.

Now, though, as a mature woman, she had found it unexpectedly titillating. She had started to discover a sexual side to herself which she never knew existed.

She actually, even if in a very discrete fashion, felt sexy and did sexy things like being daring enough to go out without wearing a bra, and liking the way that her shirt rubbed and caressed her bare nipples, and she carelessly walk around the house in the nude, absolutely loving that sensuous freedom.

She had even bought herself a dildo and was vigorously masturbating herself frequently to not before experienced orgasms. To her surprise, she had even discovered the seemingly forbidden pleasures of inserting the dildo into her butt hole and the secret pleasures of anal masturbation. She had never dreamed of doing such things.

And now, well … she was being sexual with her own son.

There was a very real sexual thrill in that, but also one which was so fundamentally compelling for her to experience as a mother, bringing both her maternal and sexual sides together in a deeply satisfying way.

She and Brian stretched out together on the bed, their nakedness feeling so wonderfully inviting. Her dark eyes looked at her son and he looked back at her.

Very gently and cautiously they let their lips touch. The idea that they could be and wanted to be romantic together was still being tested. She was, after all, his mother and he was her son.

Their lips touched and each felt the softness, and they moved their mouths to let their lips work ever so slightly together and this produced an excitement.

Darla became aware of her son’s stiff penis pressing against her thigh as well as the encouragement provided by her erect clitoris and the sensation of her vagina becoming wet.

“Mmm …” she murmured and she smiled, enjoying the inviting moment.

Feeling a daring impulse, she pulled back just a little, enough to lean over and take a hold of her son’s erect penis and slide her mouth down over the swollen head, its large mushrooming shape filling her mouth.

She went smoothly up and down several times, taking in the head and several inches of the shaft, allowing her fingers to hold and feel his hairy balls as she did. Brian was surprised by his mom doing this. Boys never thought of their own mothers sucking on a dick. He watched, though, as his dick went easily in and out of his mom’s willing mouth.

When she pulled back she smiled a bit self-conscious over her being so indulgent. She had given his father a few blow jobs, mostly after they had first been married, but she had never liked doing that, and had never liked having a mouthful of semen.

Now, though, she found it quite tantalizing to be orally indulgent, and the thought of her son ejaculating in her mouth was a tempting one.

Brain rewarded his mom’s efforts with a pleased smile and Darla was proud.

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