Mom and Step Son

by Steve McHill (Newton Abott Devon, UK)

My Mom and Dad split up before I was born, Dad was in the Army and away a lot and My Mom used to have guys around when she needed company! My Aunt told me My Dad had come home one day before I was born and caught Mom in bed with a Guy and walked out on her.

Any way’s he tried to get a Visitation order but the Courts banned him as Mom's boy friend was deemed a better role model being a Cop and all...!! When I was 18 on my way home from college this Guy was stood next to a shiny Black BMW M3 near my Mom's House.. He looked familiar and he walked over to me.

"Hi Steve" he said, "Do you know who I am".

"You must be Pete" I said in a shaky voice. I somehow knew he was my Dad. He looked like me in so many way's it was scary. "I’ve been dying to meet you for years".

"I'm glad to meet you, would you like to go for a drink or something to eat" I jumped at the chance and jumped into his car. He talked a lot about how he been banned from seeing me and how he had watched me from a far at school sports days and outings but never been able to approach. I knew I had recognised him.

We went to a local Bar and he was known they're as people greeted him and ordered a couple of beers and asked me if I wanted to have something to eat or would I like to come over to his place and have dinner. He told me that his wife of 10 years would be making a Roast chicken dinner and it would be great to meet! I jumped at the chance to meet Dads wife and, well my Stepmom...

We drove for about 45 minutes in his Fast BMW. He could handle the Car like a pro, entering curves and bends at great speed made me a bit dizzy after the few beers we had had. Dad had had 2 and I had four but I wasn't used to drinking and felt a bit tipsy. We arrived at this lovely bungalow on the outskirts of a small town.

As we entered the house there was a lovely smell coming from the kitchen and in the kitchen doorway was Dad's wife... Wow. She was a tall very slender lady with really short hair, almost a boyish look about her with small breasts and a figure any women would die for... She came straight over to meet us and hugged Dad and gave him a long lingering kiss. I was slightly embarrassed. She moved to me, took both my hands.

"Wow, I have waited a long time to meet you Steve", She said, "You look so much like you're Dad, it's like looking at his double, I'm Ella". She then planted a firm kiss on my lips, which lingered longer than I thought necessary and felt very sensual. Did I imagine that, I thought. I couldn't help but feel aroused and my mind wandered what it would be like to see her naked...

Wow my mind needed cleaning out with soap and water, what was I thinking this was my Dads wife, my Stepmom for gods sake...

We sat and enjoyed our chicken dinner and a few more beers. Dad was able to relax now and drink more and as the evening moved on with stories of life I started to feel really relaxed in their company. Before we knew it was 23:11 and I had missed any form of public Transport home and Dad was wasted.

"Steve, would you like to stay over in our guest room or would you like me call you a Cab?, You're Dad could run you home tomorrow". I looked at her and thought hell yes I would like to stay over for the night. More time with Dad and you.

"I would love to spend the night if it's not an inconvenience Ella, but if it's a trouble I can catch a Cab".

"It's no bother at all the spare room is already made up just incase we have a sleep over or a friend stops by, would you like a shower before you go to bed?" She asked.

"That would be great as Dad picked me up before I had a chance to get home and we had sports day today so I am a bit sweaty."

"That's not a problem Steve, I'll pop some fresh towels in, Pete looks like he's out for the count anyway, he doesn't usually drink to be fair. It's sure is nice to see him this relaxed..."

I made my way down a narrow corridor to the bathroom, as Ella opened the opposite door which was her bedroom and made her way inside. I almost followed her, almost instinctively. Instead a turned left and walked in the bathroom. The shower was a big walk in wet room and I started to close the door when a sight from across the hall caught my eye.

It was a mirror in Dad & Ella's room, a tall mirror which had the reflection of Ella in it. I stood motionless gazing at her back when she slid her figure hugging dress off over her shoulders. I couldn't help but watch, her pert bum cheeks and slim body excited me. She began to turn and I quickly spun round forgetting the door and quickly undressed for the shower.

I was scared she might have seen me looking for some reason it actually turned me on. I stepped into the shower and began immediately caressing my throbbing cock thinking about Ella's smooth slim tall elegant body when I turned around and Ella was stood in the bathroom watching me...

"What an amazing body you have Steve", without further ado, she stepped into the shower and began rubbing soap on my chest. She didn't take her eyes of mine. Her hands soon found my throbbing cock as it twitched and pulsated in her hand. It was 8 inches of thick uncut cock and my balls hadn't been emptied for a week...

She bent down and licked and kissed it before opening her mouth and swallowing my cock down the back of her throat. I was moaning and before I knew it, I could feel myself about to explode.

"Ella, I’m about to Cum"

She became more vigorous in her movements and took my cock deep and I burst deep down the back of her throat... After that she just looked at me and asked if I could wash her back for her. I did and as my mind wondered about what had just happened and the implications I was immediately faced with rubbing soap over Ella's arse cheeks.

I rubbed the soap lathering her cheeks and found myself getting hard again. My hands worked up the lather and pushed up towards her shoulders and back down again. I was fully hard and could see my cock pointing towards the crack of her arse, soap falling down over the tip and her cheeks.

She must have known as she arched her back and the tip of my cock pushed apart her cheeks. She forced her back against me and I felt my cock push further between her legs searching for her wet hole. I pushed in and fucked her so hard she let out an almighty moan and Cum all over my cock. She left the bathroom with a backward gale and a smile...

The next morning Dad took me home and dropped me off.

"Did you have a good time last night son," He said.

"I had a great time Dad. Can I come over again for dinner with you and Ella"? I asked but really in my mind was thinking of Ella. She was amazing and certainly the best stepmom any 18 year old could ever wish to have.

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