Mom and Son Talking Dirty

by Jon (MN)

“Oh, Jerry …” Cynthia told her son, “I feel like such a whore when we fuck. I enjoy it so much.”

“I’m glad you do mom. I like fucking you,” Jerry told her.

“I feel like one big cunt when you have your dick in me. It’s so exciting to feel that way.”

“Oh, mom … I love fucking your cunt. It’s big and wet and It feel so good having my dick in it.”

“Oooo … Oooo …” she moaned, squeezing her eyes shut with the pleasure of feeling her son’s rigid penis violating her womanly depths.

They had been having sex for a year now, and the excitement and thrill of doing that together as mother and son had never gone away, just as so many mothers and son discovered.

Before that, to Jerry, his mom had always just been his mom. But after they had started having sex he got to see a sexual side to her that he loved. His mom had been divorced from his dad for a year when they had started. There had been no seduction or anything like that. It was simply that they had found the allure of their being intimate very appealing.

“Oh, honey … fuck your mother,” she panted.

“I am fucking my mother,” he said. “I have my dick in my mother’s cunt.”

They loved talking dirty to each other like this when they did it. It was thrilling to be able to.

“Oh, Jerry, your big dick feels so good in me.”

“Oh, mom … you make my dick so big and hard.”

“I like making my son’s dick hard so he can fuck me. Just fuck me.”

Jerry continued to give his mom every inch of his erect organ, thrusting the enormously swollen head deep in her vagina, going in as far as he could every time, with his hairy balls slapping against her butt hole.

“Ooo … Ooooo …” Cynthia moaned. “You’re going to make your mom cum.”

“I want to fuck you until you come, mom. I want my boner to make you cum.”

“Oooo … yes. Yes. AHHHHHHHHH!!!”

“Cum, mom, cum. Keeping cumming!”


Her large breasts swung from side to side with her son’s energetic thrusts that were unleashing her sexual passion so lustfully. Her tits were big and large and she had to grab them and hold onto them, and squeeze them to prevent them from swinging painfully out on control.

“Oooo … Oooo … oh … oh …” she breathed as the near tortuous spasm of her orgasm concluded and eased throughout her naked body.

Again and again Jerry’s dick fucked into his mom increasing his male arousal until he ejaculated.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” he grunted as his hard dick throbbed and his semen gushed out in repeated pulses, giving his mom his sperm. “I’m cumming in you mom!”

“Oh, yes, Jerry … fuck your sperm into me. I want all of your sperm in me!”

Jerry laid on top of her letting his erect penis deliver his reproductive liquids. Not that he would get his mom pregnant. She had been fixed, so there was never any concern about that. Which was probably a good thing because Cynthia knew that she might well be tempted to have her son get her pregnant and have a baby with him, fulfilling her maternal as well as sexual instincts and demands. And for Jerry there was also quite unashamedly a natural desire to impregnate his own mom with his sperm and for them to have a baby.

But just performing the reproductive act together was satisfying enough.

When it was all over they laid naked to each other on the bed, savoring the enjoyment of their having successfully mated once more as mother and son. They both grinned a bit modestly over their always becoming as carried away as they did and talking so dirty to each other.

Oh, Jerry … that was so nice,” she told him and she gave him a small kiss on the lips. Somewhat demurely she added, “I love it that with you I can just be … well, a whore.”

Jerry smiled back. “I don’t think that you’re a whore mom, just because you like sex.”

“But mothers aren’t supposed to like sex that much … and not with their own son.”

“I’m glad that you do like it, mom. Because I like having sex with you, too.”

Cynthia drew in a breath. “You know what people are going to start thinking … your living at home like this with your mom.”

“Well, lots of kids live at home with their parents for financial reasons,” Jerry reminded, being dismissing of that concern of appearances.

“I know. But it’s been two years now.” Jerry frowned just a little. So? You’re divorced … I’m divorced. Is it anybody else’s business?”

“No. But we could get into trouble.”

“How, if nobody really knows?”

“Still, somebody could report us.”

Jerry knew that she was right, of course. “Maybe we should just move to someplace where nobody knows us.”

“You mean … just live together?”

“Why not? We’re living together now.”

Cynthia smiled. “Oh, Jerry … that would be so nice.”

They both smiled and kissed.

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