Mom and Son Secrets

by Valerie (IL)

His mom was thin and attractive with short blonde hair that reached just to her shoulders. She had a rather serious face, and Daniel could only wonder where that came from being married to his father for twenty years. He thought that it probably did. Although, as he knew and for anyone who knew his mom, she was in fact quite a happy and easy going person.

He looked like his mom, with the same somewhat shaggy blonde hair. People always commented on how nice they went together as mother and son, and it was true. He had his mom had always been close. His father had been distant and a difficult sort of person. Now that his parents were divorced, he had his mom had been spending more time together and enjoying that.

What nobody knew, of course, was just how close they had become in that last year. That was just between the two of them and their secret. They had found themselves liking the teasing flirtation between the two of them, as well as the allure of the thought of their being more intimate.

There was that aspect of the mother and son bond which made such a thing not seem unthinkable or in any way wrong. Throughout history there had existed a mystique and the natural temptation to experience it. Finally one afternoon when he had been over at her house, they had.

Somehow it had just seemed inevitable that they would do this together, and when lying naked together on the bed, and his stiff penis fully inserted into her vagina, that had been so wonderfully achieved.

That afternoon they were once more enjoying and delighting in their closeness.

“Mmm … “Anita murmured as she lay beneath her son on the softness of the bed, savoring the sensation of his stiff maleness moving in and out her, making little wet fucking sounds. “This is so nice.”

“It’s always nice with you, mom,” Renny said, savoring the physical intimacy with his mother as much as she did.

Of course he knew that his father would never approve nor understand. That many people would question the morality of it. And yet, throughout history, there had always been a certain unspoken acceptance of mother and son sexual relations. That a boy was expected to take an absent father’s place, to take of his mother’s physical needs so she could appear chaste and not wonton.

Now, of course, there were far less concerns about that, as women were free to have a life and with the advent of modern birth control allowing them to enjoy their sexuality. In that sense, it also allowed more mothers and sons to celebrate the natural bond between them and to do so quite happily as was evident in how this was becoming much, much more common place.

Renny continued to smoothly and easily slide his stiff reproductive organ in and out of his mother’s, and she felt this only encouraging her erect clitoris in its expectations.

“Oh, yes …” she breathed. She had her eyes squeezed shut as she put her head back against the pillow and kept her legs well apart to accommodate him.

Anita had always enjoyed sex, she liked fucking, finding it so deeply stimulating and satisfying. Although, sadly, as was so often the case, during her years of marriage, it had become nothing more than a wifely duty, A function with little excitement or womanly satisfaction. It had simply become a matter of letting her husband take care of his needs in her and nothing more. It was not until she had started enjoying this with her own son that she had rediscovered the much wanted and needed pleasure of making love and of being genuinely fucked.

She was pleased by the size of her son’s endowment, bigger than his father.

As she laid there being filled and stimulated by his penis she felt her sexual urge building and building until with a breathtaking suddenness it overtook her.

“Oh! Ohhhhhh …” she gasped, trying to contain her verbalizations, still fearing that her son would think that she was a total and complete whore. Although in that moment she put aside her fears and let it her wild desire come out. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” she cried out.

Renny smiled. It was wonderful to see that he was succeeding with his mom. It was exciting to feel her writhing naked beneath him on the bed in throws of sexual heat and passion while having his hard penis fully inserted deep into her vagina. The same vagina which had brought him into the world and therefore made it all that much more special.

“Oh! I’m going to cum!” he announced and felt his erection throb with ejaculation, his semen surging out with an unstoppable forcefulness.

“Oh, yes!” Anita panted, wanting to feel her son completing himself inside of her.

Renny groaned and squeezed his eyes shut as he delivered his wet pulses of semen into his mom with a fulfilling satisfaction.

When it was over for both of them, they sighed and laid together for a long moment recovering.

Then they opened their eyes and smiled over the significance of what they had just done. That this was far from their first time only made it that much better and more enjoyable. Renny slipped his no longer fully erect penis from her and they laid side by side on the bed.

She ran her hand over his chest and nipples and kissed him on the side of the face.

“I love doing this with you,” she told him. Then she appeared almost suddenly modest. “It’s almost embarrassing how much I enjoy having my son’s sperm in me.”

Renny grinned. “It feels good having my sperm in you, mom.” He kissed her back lightly on the lips.

She did a small laugh. “It’s probably a good thing that I can’t get pregnant,” she said, referring to the fact that she had been fixed. “Otherwise I might lose control and want you to get me pregnant and to have your baby.”

Renny laughed, too. “It would be nice to get you pregnant,” he admitted.

“Would it?”


“Even as your own mom?”

“Especially as my own mom.”

Anita drew in a breath. “Ooo. That thrills me. Let’s fuck some more. It’s the thought that counts.”

They held one another and kissed and enjoyed their secret love.

I wrote this story because it is very much my own as a mother. I almost cannot begin to explain just how wonderful, good and satisfying it is being lovers with my own son, which we now have been for the last four years. And yes, I have been fixed, but I do on occasion feel this overwhelming desire to be impregnated by my son if the truth be known. As both a woman and a mom this is only natural and I do thrill at the thought of his sperm fertilizing my egg. Which is, alas, is never meant to be. Probably a good thing considering the complications that would have. Still, moms do feel this way.

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