Mom and Son Lovers

by Randi (NJ)

Linda and Chris were smiling at one another as his penis was fully inserted into her vagina. It was so wonderful and so significant to be doing this together as mother and son.

“Oh, honey, this is so nice,” she told him.

“I love doing this with you, mom,” Chris said.

His stiff penis moved easily back and forth in the soft wet depths of his mom’s vagina, and it felt so good to have his sex organ intimately in hers.

His parents had divorced the year before, and the idea that he and his mother could enjoy being sexual together had not even seemed at all like something that was unthinkable. If anything, it had just been this natural desire.

Of course the fact that they lived in New Jersey, where incest laws between consenting adults had been done away, greatly encouraged this, as it had started to for so many divorced mothers, and just as much it could be said for fathers and daughters and brothers and sisters. Although it remained that by far the biggest increase was between mothers and sons.

To the pint were it was estimated that at last sixty-five per cent of all mothers had experienced sexual intercourse at least once with their own son, and that for forty per cent this had become an ongoing activity practiced on a regal basis, and it was becoming more common all the time. The same was true in many countries were incest laws had been done away with.

“Ohhh … you penis feel so good in me,” she breathed.

“You make it so hard, mom,” Chris said, feeling the pleasurably straining stiffness of his organ as he continued to gently congregate his erection in her reproductive organ, the same one which had brought him into the world.

“Oh, oh, honey … you’re going to make me cum,” she said, her hands holding him with an increasing firmness.

“I want you to come mom,” he told her and he gave her more vigorous insertions.

“Oh … Oh … Oh … yes!” she gasped as she began climaxing.

Chris loved to watch his mom having an orgasm. It was so special for a boy to see his own moher experiencing such sexual pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh …. Ohhhhhhhhhh …” Linda gasped and moaned as her son fucked her unashamedly to an orgams.

“Oh, fuck me … fuck me …” she told him.

“”Keep coming while I fuck you,” he said.

Then, very quickly, he brought his hard penis to the point of ejaculation and was coming deep inside of her.”I’m fucking my sperm into you mom!” He gasped, doing so with the excitement and satisfaction of any boy who got to do this in his own mother’s vagina.

The intensity of the moment began to pass and they lid there together savoring the gratification of having once more completed the reproductive act together as mother and son, even without any concern of his fertilizing her egg. Yet the significance of their being biologically intertwining was ever so satisfying.

“Oh, Chris …” she breathed in an near exhausted fashion.

“Oh, mom …” Chris breathed back.

It was a wonderful moment.

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