Mom And Son Lovers

by David (CA)

Brad groaned as he fucked his sperm into his mom’s vagina.

Brad felt pleased and proud to be doing this with is mom, taking his father’s place.

His father deserved it. He had always treated his mom so badly.

Then, when his dad had stormed out of the house the week before, saying how he was leaving and going to live with his girlfriend, it had come as a genuine relief.

He and his mom had always been close, and probably even closer thanks to his father.

So when he left, it had been easy for them to be emotionally sharing and to and expressive of their feelings.

It had just seemed natural for them to use sex as a means to accomplish this.

Without any shame or guilt they had gotten naked and made love.

It had been so pleasing and satisfying to both of them to do this as mother and son, and not having to worry about her getting pregnant, they were free to use the reproductive act fully to accomplish this.

Janice moaned too as she felt her son’s penis once more delivering his male liquid deep inside of her, as she laid there savoring the pleasure of letting her son fuck her like this.

His doing this excited her and suddenly she was experiencing a warm orgasmic release.

She held him tight as the pleasurable spasms spread through her naked body. It was so special and thrilling that it was her son’s penis doing this to her.

When they both opened their eyes, Janice felt just a little modest over her son seeing her being so sexual, and yet she loved the fact that she was being that way with him.

That she was lying there with her legs apart, and that his penis was in her vagina. And yes, she was pleased to be doing this as a sort of defiance to his father. Brad felt the same, of course.

‘Mmm … that was so nice,’ she murmured .

“I love doing it with you, mom,’ Brad said.

“I’m glad that you do. I like it when you do it to me,” she said.

They did an affectionate kiss on the lips.

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