Mom and Son Doing It

by Vanessa (OR)

Jared and his mom were naked together on the sofa, in each other’s arms, sharing small affectionate kisses. It felt so good being together this way. She had been divorced from his father for three years, and two months ago they had started having sex when he went over to her house.

There had been no seduction or anything untoward. Rather, it had all been very straightforward as it often was, and the two of them just felt like enjoying the fun and daring of having intercourse as mother and son. It had been easy to allow that as just a part of the natural mother and son bond between them.

When Jared felt the moment was right, he pushed his hard penis into his mom’s vagina.

“Ohhh …” she breathed and closed her eyes, savoring how good it felt to have her son’s maleness in her. As a mother this was very deeply satisfying. It was the same for Jared of course too, to have his penis in his mom. “Your penis feels so good,” she said. “I’m so glad that we can do this together.”

“I’m glad that we can do this together too, mom,” Jared told her. “It feels good being in you.”

He was thirty-two and also divorced, and his mom was fifty-six. She had dark hair and bangs and was full bodied, and to Jared’s surprise, his mom liked being naked and having sex. She showed no hesitation in doing it with him, but gladly and happily welcomed the opportunity.

Jared had no problem in achieving a hard erection with his mom, in fact it was impossible not to. That she had been fixed and was now older of course meant that there was no concern about birth control, so they could enjoy having naked sex as nature intended.

Lise could feel the excessive wetness of her vagina in response to his penetrations of her reproductive organ and loved it. For a number of years her relationship with his father had not been good, and she had not enjoyed having sex with him and had found herself unresponsive.

With her son, though, it was so different. She had been surprised to find her sexual appetite mingling so delightfully with her maternal instincts to produce a not before know arousal that was completely stimulating to her.

She loved being naked and having her legs apart for her son, to let him see the vagina which had brought him into the world. It was thrilling for a mother to be able to do that and he could now understand why so many mothers liked being sexual with their own sons.

Mother and son sex had long been an enticing taboo. For many centuries it had even been considered quietly appropriate for a boy to take his missing father’s place in his mother’s bed, to discretely take care of her needs so she could maintain the properness of appearing chaste.

Now, with the frequency of divorce, and the advent of modern birth control, and women being able to have their own lives, mother and son sex had started to become much more common as just something pleasurable and desirable to experience. A few states had even abandoned incest laws between consenting adults, and others were sure to follow as the trend had started to become something of a far more regular practice.

Purposefully Jared gave his mom his stiff penis, enjoying the fact that he was his mom’s lover as well as her son. There was such a sense of fulfilling privilege for a boy to be sexual with his own mother.

“Ohhhh …Ohhhhhh …” Lise began to moan as her erect clitoris drove her urge on. In its stimulated excitement. “Oh, honey … keep fucking me.”

“It feels so good to fuck my dick into you, mom,” Jared said.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhhhh … Ohhhhhhh … Oh, yes … yes …”

In another moment Lise gasped and was climaxing, unimaginably excited to be doing that with her son between her legs, feeling his large, thick erection violating her sexually.

“AH! AH! AHHHH! AHHHH!!!” she choked, swallowing and gulping breaths of much need air as her she was overcome by her orgasm. Climaxing with her son like that was so incredible.

Jared gave his mom every hard inch of penis as she moaned and gasped and shuddered naked on the sofa beneath him. He loved seeing his mom having an orgasm, seeing her face contorted in sexual delight and sweet agony, her mouth open, and to feel her nakedly writhing beneath him while his dick was in her vagina.

“Yeah, mom …” he encouraged. “yeah … cum … I want you to cum.”

“OHHHHH … Ohhhh … Ohhhh … Ohhh … Ohh ..” she panted as her orgasm eased.

With his mom’s sexual needs taken care of, Jared increased his insertions into her vagina and was quickly ejaculating.

“Uhhhhh …” he groaned as the semen sluiced from his stiff organ in repeated surges to nakedly give his mom his sperm in a way that was so gratifying to do. “Uhhhhh … Uhhhhhh … Uhhhhh.”

It was so incredible to fuck his sperm into his own mom.

“Oh, yes … honey …” Lisa breathed, savoring her son’s wet release deep inside of her to bring their physical intimacy to a satisfying conclusion. “Oh, honey … I want you in me … I want to feel you doing that in me …”

“Oh, mom …” Jared choked, feeling his biological liquid filling her vagina. Even without consequence of getting her pregnant it was every bit as meaningful for both of them in their using the reproductive act to be close as mother and son.

They just lay there together, with his penis still in her vagina, holding one another and feeling the exalted intimacy of the moment. It was so good and so satisfying.

Lise smiled. She could still not believe that she was a mom having sex with her own son and how wonderful that was. Jared smiled back at her, and was feeling the same way. To have just ejaculated in his own mom’s vagina was so incredibly special.

“I can’t tell you how wonderful this,” Lise said.

“I know, mom. I love doing it with you.”

I thought that I would add my own story on here. My son and I have been having sex together for several years now, and it really is so wonderful. I cannot even begin to describe just how sexual, exciting and loving and intimate it is as a mother to do this with my own son.

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