Mom and Son Connections

by Kersta (OR)

Oh … Oh …” Carol breathed as she felt her son’s masculine stiffness going in and out of her wet vagina as she sat perched on the edge of the bathroom sink with her legs apart.

Peter was standing there looking down and watching his erect penis sliding smoothly through his mom’s hair folds. It was incredible to think that he was actually doing this with his own mom.

Carol had only been separated from his father for two months. But during that time she and her son, Peter, had found it easy for the two of them to feel close and to enjoy that in a playfully romantic and uninhibited way. As it actually was for many mothers and sons, the teasing thought of their having sex as mother and son had been very enticing.

It had not been at all difficult for them to find themselves naked together and fucking. The intimacy was so meaningful as well as thoroughly enjoyable. The thought that it was her son’s penis in the very vagina which had brought him into the world was so emotionally as well as sexually satisfying for her as a woman and a mom. This was something which so many mothers found wonderful to experience.

For Peter, of course, to be sexual in his own mom’s vagina was an equally satisfying experience.

“Oh, yes …” Carol breathed as she felt the soft, wet interior of her vagina being stimulated by the male interaction. Peter was twenty years old and she felt a mother’s pride seeing him being so male. And it excited her to be sitting there with her legs apart, allowing him to have his reproductive organ in hers. Her clitoris was unbelievable large and erect, and that it was that way with her own son in such an unembarrassing manner was thrilling.

“Oh, mom …” Peter breathed back. His penis was so stiffly erect as it speared intimately into his mom’s naked body. Again and again the enormously swollen and sensitive glans of his organ was being caressed by the wet softness of her vagina, exciting his penis with increasing fervor. He saw her large breasts, with their thick thrusting erect nipples, bouncing with his efforts.

“Oh, honey …” Carol swallowed and closed her eyes as she let her fingers find and start masturbating her clitoris. She had never imagined masturbating herself in front of her own son and she loved it.

Very quickly she brought herself to the point of climaxing.

“Uh! OHHHHHHHH!!!” she choked as her sexual release took her breath away. Her fully figured body trembled as her orgasm took place with her son’s hard penis violating her womanly depths. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Peter watched his mom climaxing with excitement and pleasure. It was so special and a genuine privilege for a boy to see his mom having an orgasm. And she was having it with his penis deep inside of her.

“Oh, yeah, mom … yeah …” he encouraged.

“Oh, don’t stop fucking me!” she begged.

Peter thrust his erection into her again and again to increase her throws of sexual release.

Suddenly she sighed and her bare shoulders slumped and she drew in breath after breath, making her full bare breasts heave up and down.

Peter felt his penis reach the point where he could not hold back and he ejaculated.

The semen shot from his erection with an intensity that hit him hard.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” he panted and trebled as his penis fulfilled its male function deep inside of his mom.

Then his ejaculation came to a satisfying conclusion. He felt drained. It was not in only in his liquid release, but how overwhelmingly satisfying it was to actually give his own mom his sperm, and being biologically reproductive with her like that. Not that he could fertilize her and she could get pregnant from this. But the intent and meaning was still there. They had fulfilled the intimacy of that function together as mother and son.

Carol could only smile. “Oh, Peter … it feels so good to have you doing that in me.”

“It feels good doing it in you, mom,” Peter said.

“It’s just so wonderful.” She slipped her arms around his neck and leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

Peter kissed her back. It was wonderful kissing affectionately like that as mother and son while his penis was still in her vagina, prolonging the physical intimacy of the moment.

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