Mom and Son Connections

by Leiha (WA)

Her son was humping her from behind that morning. His father had just left for work, and this was when the two of them had their fun.

Naomie did not consider this be like cheating on his father. It wasn’t like she was doing this with another man. She was doing it with her son, and that was special. This had been going on between them for over a year and it was so wonderful.

Mark liked doing it with his mom, because it was special for a boy to have his penis in his in mom’s vagina and to be pleasing her.

He was sliding his hard penis in and out of her wet vagina easily and smoothly as he held her close.

“Oh, this feels soooo good,” she said. “It’s so nice of you to do this with your mom.”

“I love doing it with you, mom,” Mark said.

His hands were reaching around, fondling the softness of her bare breasts, and she turned her head and they licked tongues.

Oh, she thought, as much as she loved his father, it was never like this with him.

She had long ago found that she had wanton womanly desires, but had always managed somehow to curb them. But now having the chance to unleash them with her son proved to be everything that she needed which included of course to be fucked and to be fucked well.

His boners with her were always so big and so stiff and she loved that.

Oh, how she loved feeling his maleness penetrating her, and when he did it to her from the back like this, his boner felt even bigger. It awakened her reproductive urge like nothing ever had. It just made her feel like one big womanly vagina and that all of her was being fucked.

As her son continued to engage her vagina, she reached a hand down to touch and stimulate her clitoris, finding erect and firm and ready. She had a particularly large clitoris which made its presence easily known, its smooth pink shape bulging from the apex of her vaginal folds.

Her fingers slid over her pleasure organ repeatedly, quickly exciting to her to the point of climaxing.

“Oooo! Ooooo! Oooooo!” she moaned with passion.

Mark liked it when his mom had an orgasm.

The spasm of her clit became even more intense and she could no longer even touch its sensitive shape.

“Ooooooooo … yes …. Yes …” she murmured.

Quickly Mark took his boner all the way in her and was ejaculating wetly in her vagina.

“Oh! Yeah … yeah … yeah …” he panted over and over as his hard penis throbbed and convulse inside of his mom. It just felt so good to have his liquid coming out inside of her and to be satisfying his reproductive urge with his own mom.

“Oh … yes …” she said feeling him doing this in her. This was just so gratifying for a mother to experience with her own son. There was even the teasing delight that he might just somehow impregnate her with his sperm, that he would be the one to fertilize her egg and she would give birth to his child. That was just part of her wanton womanly desire, not only to be fucked, but to be impregnated. She needed to feel that sperm in her vagina. It made her feel complete.

“Oh, yes, Mark …” she breathed as he concluded in her.

“Oh, mom … it feels so good doing that in you.”

Naomie was pleased and she smiled.

Once more their private moments and mother and son had been satisfied and in such a wonderful way.

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