Mom and Son Close Moments

by Allison (NJ)

“Oh, we’d better hurry,” Janice said as she sat astride her son’s lap with his erection pushed fully up into her vagina. “You father said that he was going to stop by this afternoon.”

Jacob laughed. “You and dad are divorced.”

“I know!” she chided. “But I don’t want to him to know that I’m fucking our son.”

They both smiled with an unconcealed delight over their liaison, which had started just shortly after his parents had divorced less than a year ago. For the two of them it was just fun to do that as mother and son, to enjoy the pleasure of being sexually intimate.

“Oooo … Ooooo … Ooooo” she said as she began to ride up and down on her son’s male length. She had never been this daring with his father, but she loved it that she could be daring with him. And Jacob loved it when his mom rode him and fucked him.

Janice had always just been an ordinary wife and mother, and as girl she had always been quite proper. Now she felt free to indulge her desires and to thoroughly enjoy sex in a way which she never had. Her vagina was no longer just something to fulfill a wifely obligations and duties. It was now something for her to thrill in having and using, and she did often and freely with her son.

“Oh, yeah, mom …” Jacob said as he felt his mother’s soft wet vagina again and again sliding up and down his hard penis, caressing it with sexual delight.

“Oh, yes … oh, yes … I’m going to come,” she gasped.

Then she climaxed, and it was so exciting climaxing on top of her son like this.

“Oh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” she moaned as her release took charge and she was forced to succumb to the electrical spasm shooting out from her erect clitoris.

“Yeah, mom … yeah …” Jacob encouraged.

“Ooooohhh … Oooooohhhh …” she moaned softly as her orgasm eased.

Slowly she resumed riding up and down on her son to ensure his completion as well.

Doing it this way, with her on top, her son’s erection always felt so big and so stiff in her and she loved it and this acquainted Jacob with the pleasures of being fucked by a woman.

In the next moment Jacob drew in a sharp breath and felt his semen pumping into his mother’s vagina with a naked fulfillment.

“Uhhhh … Uhhhh … Uhhhhh …” He grunted with each throbbing pulses of his liquid release.

“Oh, honey! Oh, yes! I like that!” she panted as her son ejaculated in her.

They were both momentarily exhausted from the efforts when they heard a car pull up outside.

“Oh! Your father!” Janice gasped and dismounted her son. “We’d better get some clothes on!

They both ran from the kitchen to do that, each of them laughing happily.

There was just time to pull jeans and tops on, no time for shoes. Barefoot would just have to do, and hopefully without that being in any way suggestive.

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