Mom and Son Climax

by Kevin (IL)

Like many mothers, Sonya almost considered it her womanly duty to have sex with her son after she had been divorced from his father. It had long been an unwritten custom that a boy should take his father’s absent place in his mother’s bed. By the same token, that a mother should somehow perform a continuation of sexual duties from father to son in the same situation.

Sonya lay on the soft cushions of the sofa with her legs apart, as her son fucked his penis into her vagina with smooth, easy strokes.

“It’s so good doing this with you, mom,” Kenny said.

“I love it when you fuck me,” she told him.

They had been having sex for about the last six months, right after his mom’s divorce from his father had been finalized. For her it had not been a difficult decision to invite her son to have sex with her, and Kenny had been only too happy to experience that with his own mom. Now they routinely copulated and found it wonderful to do so in so many ways.

There was just something so special for a son to have his penis in his own mom’s vagina, and for a mother to have her son’s penis in her.

“Oh … your penis feels so big and hard,” she breathed.

“It always is with you, mom.”

“I never thought that being fucked could feel so liberating,” she confessed, and found that it did have that effect on her.

“I know what you mean. It just feels so good having my dick in you and to be doing this with my own mom.”

“I’m just so glad that you like to fuck me.”

Kenny smiled. “I think that every boy should fuck his own mother at least once. That it should be mandatory.”

She laughed. “There might be a lot of jealous fathers out there.”

Kenny laughed, too. “Probably. But dad won’t know that we’re fucking.”

“I hope not, because he would be jealous. If he thought that I was enjoying having my son sticking his dick between my legs, he would probably kill me.”

“He would probably kill me, too,” Kenny said.

“Oh, honey …” she gasped slightly as she squeezed her eyes shut. “Just keep fucking me, You’re going to make me cum. Oh, yes … you’re going to make me cum …”

She stared panting. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” And then she gasped and choked.


Kenny loved watching his naked mom having an orgasm and being that one who was helping her have it.

He thrust his rigid penis into her harder and faster, making her cry out. Her entire naked body convulsed several times and then went limp.

Quickly Kenny took his boner all the way in her and savored how good and satisfying it felt to be ejaculating in her and putting his sperm into his own mom’s vagina.

“Ah! AHHH! AHHH!” he groaned as his rigid penis throbbed and pulsed with male fulfillment.

They were both left breathless for several long moments.

Sonya lay there feeling prideful to be letting her son use her vagina like this, unashamed to be a woman with him. Just as Kenny felt the same doing this with his mom.

She drew in a breath and opened her eyes and rewarded him with pleased smile. He smiled back, letting her know how appreciative he was. Starting to have sex, and building up to climaxing was great. But the best part came after all of that in just knowing that they had once more successfully engaged in the reproductive act together as mother and son.

There was an indescribable warm and satisfied feeling in that, easily explaining why there was such a mystique surrounding mother and son sex as this could not be experienced in any other way.

As Kenny wetly slipped his now longer erect penis from his mom’s vagina, already they were both thinking how wonderful it would be to do this again.

My mom and I started having sex five years ago, right after she was divorced from my father. It wasn’t likes something that we were both just waiting to do. But somehow it just happened naturally and very quickly. For me, just like in the story, it just feels so good and so satisfying to have my penis in my mom’s vagina and to ejaculate in her. I can’t think of anything that’s better than doing that.

The first time that I did it with my mom, I was rather nervous and unsure about cumming in her, and even though she was on the pill, afraid that I might get her pregnant. My mom admitted the she was a little fearful too about having her son’s reproductive organ in hers, with the emphasis being on the reproductive part.

My mom did not get pregnant, though, and since then she has been fixed so there is absolutely no concern about that. Still, we both enjoy the significance of my sperm being in her. I think that most mothers and son’s find this to be very significant part of their having sex. It is easy to see why.

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