Mom and Son Affairs of the Heart

by Callie (SC)

My son and I started having an affair a year ago. It really wasn’t just mom and son sex. It was an affair.

It might have started as the two of us just enjoying the allure of having sex and fucking as mother and son, but it quickly became much more than that.

Four years after I was divorced from his father, I had moved out to a nice house that was in the countryside. Devon would come out to visit and that was always nice. The two of us had always been close and had a very good mother and son relationship. He was twenty-six and had been divorced for two years after a rather disastrous marriage, so we had that in common, although my marriage to his father had been less of a disaster, just with his father and I growing apart and his having an affair which had pretty much spelled the end for our marriage.

Maybe it was because of that, and his being older, that Devon and I found the idea of our being closer and even intimate just naturally appealing. The first few times that we had sex it had been more or less for fun, and it had been. It had been daring and risqué. Then we both quickly discovered just how nice it was to enjoy these naked loving moments together. We felt relaxed and comfortable with one another and we both looked forward to being together in our own private special world.

It was significant of course for me to have my own son’s penis in my vagina, but I genuinely liked Devon in a way that was not entirely motherly, and he liked me in a way that a son usually doesn’t with his own mother. We began to see one another as individuals.

That morning I was savoring how it felt to be lying there as he fucked me. His large thick penis was moving in and out of my wet vagina purposefully. It was warm and wonderful and I had never felt so intimate with anyone as I did with him.

“Oh, Lyn ….” He breathed.

He had started calling me by my name which just seemed somehow much more appropriate, and I liked that.

“Oh, Deon …” I breathed back as I felt his maleness penetrating my naked body.

We kissed while our reproductive organs continued to intimately engage.

I would have never have imagined myself being so romantically passionate with my own son like this. Our tongues played wetly together, fueling our shared passion.

“Ohhhh … Devon. You’re going to make me cum,” I told him, feeling the stimulating penetrations of his hard penis exciting me more and more. I had never felt this way even when his father had fucked me.

I felt the deep excitement in my vagina and my clitoris began climaxing, producing wave upon wave of electrical surges that took my breath away. Put my head back on the pillow and gasped helplessly.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh … Ahhhhhhhhhhhh … Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …” I was forced to vocalize as I endured my unavoidable orgasm.

His rigid penis continued to violate my womanly depths driving me onwards.

“Ohhhhh … Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …” I whimpered as my son unleashed my sexual pleasure.

Then relief came.

It was just a moment after that when Devon ejaculated in me to make the experience whole.

“Uh … Uh …” I heard him grunt.

My hands held his back as he thrust his stiff penis into me and gave me his semen in its throbbing pulses.

“Oh!” I said drawing in a breath as I received his sperm and felt the satisfaction of his doing that in me. “Oh, yes … yes …”

I had always liked and enjoyed being ejaculated in as a part of sex. But with him it was so much more meaningful and significant to have him do this in me. It was like the ultimate in fulfillment to be infused with the substance of his male liquid.

When he was through we looked at one another with a shared satisfaction over our naked love.

We kissed.

Moments passed and we slipped easily apart, once more becoming two individuals but still sharing this wonderful closeness. It was something which neither of us had ever experienced to that degree. This sense of truly wanting to be together. Of wanting and needing that.

I had wondered what our future together would be.

Just mother and son who had become lovers?

Many divorced mother and sons were. It was much more common than most people thought, especially these days.

It seemed almost inevitable that the two of us would eventually decide to live together. To make this arrangement permanent and ultimately enjoyable. Devon had mentioned this and I found the idea appealing. In my new place where I had moved, no one knew that he was my son. In fact I suspected that some of the people there thought that I had a younger lover who was coming to see me, so our just openly living together would suggest nothing untoward. In just a matter of months we would come to be accepted as a couple.

“Why don’t you move in?” I said as I touched my hand to his bare arm as I laid there on the bed feeling so carelessly naked and he sat next to me.

Devon looked at me. “Do you want me to?”

“Yes,” I answered. “But do you want to?”

He smiled. “Yes.”

We both smiled. Our love affair was now made quite and so wonderfully official. It would just continue on.

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