Mom and Son Affair?

by Ken (AZ)

“If your father ever knew that we were doing this …” Jo said.

“I know, mom,” Brendan said, well aware of what his father would say if he knew that they were having sex. Actually, it was more like they were having an affair. But it was something just between the two of them as mother and son, and it was fun and special, and they both thoroughly enjoyed it.

“Ooooo …” she moaned as she began to ride her vagina up and down on his son’s stiff penis, with him sitting on the kitchen chair beneath her. To think that it was her own son’s penis in her excited Jo immeasurably. Her clit was agonizingly large and erect and jutting out, and her vagina was so wet and lubricated. What was more, she loved riding her son and fucking him. His father never liked to do it that way. Her son was only too happy to sit there and have his penis fucked like this.

“Oh, mom …” Brendan breathed, feeling his maleness sliding up and down in her vagina.

“Oh, Brendan … I’m going to cum,” she gasped. “Oh, Brendan … OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!”

Brendan sat there as his mom climaxed on his erection, her small bouncing bare tits with their rosy red nipples heaving up and down as she squeezed her eyes shut and gasped for breath.

“Oh, mom! I’m going to cum in you!” Brendan declared as his erection ejaculated in his mom, pulsing his semen up into her vagina.

“Oh, honey! Yes! Yes!” she choked.

In one intense and extremely satisfying moment it was over for both of them.

They both drew in a breath and sighed.

“I always cum so fast and easily with you,” Jo said. “It’s almost embarrassing.”

“It’s almost embarrassing just how big and stiff my dick is with you, mom,” Brendan said and grinned.

She grinned back. “I love it that you dick gets so big and stiff with me.” She wrinkled her nose. “I never thought that I would be saying that to my own son.”

She dismounted him.

“Oh!” she said, as she felt their combined liquids dripping down her thigh. “That was a particularly wet one!”

She reached for a convenient paper towel to mop up her vagina.

Just as she as doing this there was the sounds of a car pulling up outside.

They each looked at one another in complete astonishment.

“Oh! It’s your father!”

“Dad!” Brendan said in panic.

They both dashed off to find their clothes.

Just as Brendan’s father was coming through the backdoor and stepping into the kitchen, they both returned. In haste they had each just pulled on a shirt and pair of jeans.

Although, in that moment, they both seemed to realize that the fact they were both barefoot might somehow look suspicious.

“Hi,” he greeted and looked at his son and wife. “I thought that I’d just knock off a bit earlier today.”

“Oh. That’s good honey,” Jo said and she smiled.

“Yeah, dad,” Brendan said and he smiled as well.

He smiled at the two of them and then went off into the living room to head upstairs. He had never noticed that they were barefoot, and if he had he thought nothing of it. They just happened to barefoot. It didn’t mean that they were just naked together and fucking in the kitchen.

Jo and Brendan looked at one another and could not believe what a close call that had been.

“Its’ a good thing we both came quickly,” Brendan muttered under his breath.

“You’re telling me!’ Jo rolled her eyes.

Then they both smiled. It was not like she wanted to cheat on his father, and it was not like Brendan wanted to take his father’s place. It was nothing like that. They just happened to love each other as mother and son and enjoyed being physically expressive of that was all.

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