Mom And I On Father's Bed

by Anonymous

Way before mom and I fucked for the first time all I thought about was fucking her all evening long on my father's bed while he was at work.

Just the thought of fucking her where she and my dad slept as husband and wife was such a turn on for me.

The thought of pumping my cock deep into the depths of mother's twat on dad's bed seeing if I could get his mattress to squeak as I'm fucking his wife my mom had me already hard.

When mom got home from work that day I said to her, mom now that we crossed that barrier behind dad's back I have been wanting to fuck you in a Pacific place for the longest time.

Is it somewhere outside the house honey, you may not want to do this mom but I want to fuck you all evening long right on dad's bed, that would be dirty of us both she said kind of smiling.

I'm not only letting you fuck me but to let you fuck me right on your father's bed, that is so wrong for us to do that you as his son and me his wife talk about pure sin and adultery.

Come on mom, I want to see if I can get his bed to creak, oh that's what it is, your father has not made that bed make noises in I don't know how long, what do you say we make it a plan for tomorrow evening when you get home from work then.

Ok son let's fuck on the old dead beats bed, I'll wear some sexy attire that I would never wear for him, and you hold to your promise that your going to fuck me all evening long on his bed and we will do right on it, don't you worry about that mom.

My Uncle
Willie (Dothan, Alabama)

When I was 18 two of my best friends, Amy and Michelle they were a year older then me, they both had boyfriends and for the past two weeks all they talked about was having sex with their boyfriend.

I would get so wet but I didn't have a boyfriend to eat my pussy or play with it like they did. I had to stay the summer with my aunt and uncle. Aunt Mary worked days uncle Henry worked nights.

So after a few days I started laying in the floor with baggy shorts on no panties, I would move my legs so I knew he was seeing my bald pussy. I would turn around and catch him moving his hand on his crotch.

About 5 days of doing that, I decided to jump up and sit in his lap, when I did he was hard and I moved around not saying anything, he told me I had to get up I kept moving then I reached down and touched it and asked was he hard, I got up took my clothes off and laid on the floor.

He got down with me and started eating me, he took his shorts off he was Hugh over 10", we played for the next 3 days it was on the 4th day he was able to get it in me. I'm 38 now and we still have sex 1 to 2 times a month. Thank god no one has ever found out.

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