Military Widow

by Erin (Texas)

Military Widow

Losing my husband in the Vietnam War, drafted into the Army, I was eighteen and pregnant. My son is now twenty and finished his second year of college, he has been talking of joining up, no drafts of today. Crying I flat out told him, I didn’t want him to go and asked what I could do keeping him home with me. Played the guilt trip of his father dying in war. My son Jim never had a girlfriend last much over two weeks, throughout his growing up, looking me in the eyes he said point blank.

“Mom, I don’t have much of a life here and you are the only reason I haven’t joined up, before now. How could you help me stay?”

Dating a lot after his father, as a matter of fact, I dated before husband James was lost. We had a understanding, when James was called up, hear no evil and see no evil. Two weeks after hearing of losing James, I was dating. James knew well I couldn’t go long, without cock. A wonderful husband James could keep me well fucked, to the point I didn’t have to date, my very best I tried keeping my secret from my son Jim.

“I’m not exactly sure what you are asking, Jim,” I didn’t know what a wonderful can of worms I was about to open and the only thing I was sure of, I didn’t want my son going to war.

“Mom, you are the best looking woman I have ever seen, dressed or naked. I have same problem as you, I’m big and I want to fuck so much, I can’t keep a girlfriend.”

Taken aback from Jim’s frankness, I hadn’t thought to his situation, not in those aspects. Caught up in my own sexual needs, I hadn’t thought to Jim’s at all, processing the information I’d just received as I looked my son up and down. My husband’s libido had been nearly as high as mine, why would I not think my son would have inherited, could Jim have also inherited, his father’s size. The very thought moisten my pussy well, Jim standing before me, I saw Jim’s cock harden inside his jeans.

Jim or Jimmy, I sometimes called him, especially when he was particularly sweet or nice, not that Jim had a mean bone in his body. Jim pulled his t-shirt over his head, revealing six pack abs before unzipping his jeans, kicking his shoes off at the same time. Out came his huge cock, nine inches I would bet and so thick. I can handle that, my first thought, his hard cock of hand Jim stepped forward pulling my shirt over my head to unsnap my bra, freeing my puppies, I’m very proud of.

Both my hands Jim placed of his huge cock, the large helmet head posed to my lips and hefted both my tits to his hands, weighting testing my hard nipples. Opening my mouth, I swear Jim’s cock felt and tasted better than any cock ever had and I’ve had plenty. Beginning to suck and lick, I looked up into Jim’s eyes, he had to be feeling the same as I and he placed a hand to the kitchen table I sat. Far down my throat, as far as I possibly could, I felt my eyes fluttering in my head of the ecstasy.

Not even his father’s cock had sent these kind of fermions raging in my pussy. No more than a minute I sucked before forcing myself up from the chair, shucking my jeans and panties. Upon the table of my back I opened my legs to reveal my hairy pussy, tugging Jim with me, I needed no lubrication starting his huge fat cock in. That when the fireworks truly began, sure my face was reflecting the same emotion of awe as I saw in Jim’s.

“Mom, you are so beautiful,” Jim the first to speak.

“I feel so beautiful with your cock in me, Jim,” Jim began fucking and it was getting better and better, my pussy a constant orgasm I watched my son huge cock, fucking in and out his mother’s, hairy pussy. Laid back of the well-lit kitchen table, I watched Jim fuck my hairy pussy. I’m one of those women who have a very pronounced pussy mound, though I only weigh a hundred and twenty-five pounds. Raised my legs giving Jim the deepest penetration of my folds, I could manage. Total satisfaction of any cock buried deep in my cunt I was having. The wondrous expression of my face must have told Jim, the emotions, running through my mind.

“Mom, you have the most beautiful pussy I have ever fucked,” we watched together, Jim fucking his mother.

“You have the most beautiful fucking cock. I’ve ever had, Jim,” it was true, I was reaching peaks I’d never had before and Jim’s huge wonderful cock was keeping me up to those mountains I’d always sought to reach.

“Mommy wants you to cum, way up inside her pussy and fuck my mouth, Jimmy. Mommy wants to taste it all, my sweet Baby.”

As I asked and pleaded, Jim brought his still hard cock to my mouth, letting me have all he sweet taste of him and I. Loved his cock moving Jim to lie him of his back, wanted to eat it all running my hands over his flat, hard muscled abs. Satisfied of the moment, I pulled Jim from the table leading to my bed, up my ass I prompt with a pillow, giving Jim access to his mother’s hairy pussy. Buried deep once again, Jim spoke.

“Mom, I’m never going far from this pussy,” before our first night was done, I knew I would always have my Jim with me and inside me. I’m not going to tell anyone who they should fuck or not fuck but I want to fuck no one else since the first moment, Jim fucked his mother. Any time he is away from me, shopping, working, doing all we need to survive until we can fuck again, is all I think about.

These past two years has been such a beautiful fuck feast, home we don’t wear any clothing, Jim loves seeing his mother’s hairy pussy. Jim loves to tease me, by seeing how many times he can give me orgasms, eating my pussy before giving me the fuck, only he can. I’m always up for 69 but Jim loves my pussy so well, I have to let him have his pleasures. Six or seven times daily, Jim fucks his mother and I do love eating his cock and cum. Take it out of my pussy right to my mouth and I suggest, if you are horny and lonely, having a son as I. Fuck him, the rewards are tremendous.

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