Military Widow

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Military Widow

Husband killed in action and honored with benefits it was still hard for a young mother to raise a son alone but we managed together the past five years. Son of an age not to need his mother’s permission to join the military following his father’s shoes. You can imagine how upset I became, son Joe Jr. bringing the subject up. Home alone of a Friday night, Joe out on a date, I poured a glass of wine and sat of the kitchen table thinking.

A steady girlfriend Joe never had, my husband and I both of Foster Care, Joe had nothing to keep him home but me. Hopefully on his date tonight, my Joe would find someone, making him want to stay. A guilt trip of losing his dad to war, I could bring myself to use. Showered and dressed for bed of sweat pants and t-shirt of Joe’s, the smell of him still upon, for I had not yet washed. Back to the kitchen for another full class of wine for I knew I would not gain sleep, sat to the table sipping wine, when Joe returned.

“Mom, why are you sitting here alone and drinking?”

“Just thinking. Why are you home so early?”

“We just didn’t click. What are you thinking about?”

“Your leaving,” felt guilt and did not want to get into the subject of his father.

“What you give, Mom. To keep me home with you?”

“Any and everything, I fear I couldn’t make it alone. If I didn’t have you.”

“Would you show me your tits, I see you are not wearing bra,” this surprised me but only a moment it took making up my mind, pulled Joe’s t-shirt over my head and off.

“You have the most beautiful tits, I have ever seen, Mom,” Joe was looking directly into my eyes, I felt really flushed and couldn’t speak, my nipples hardening.

“Would you show me the rest of you,” I didn’t know where this was going but if seeing me nude would keep Joe home with me. Took a huge gulp of wine and stood hooking my thumbs of sweats and panties shoving down, stepping out of. Arms to my sides I slowly turned, Joe motioning me to do so, feeling his eyes on me.

“Mom, you are most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Let your hair down,” I pulled the tie from my ponytail.

“I’m happy you don’t shave, Mom,” Joe’s eyes spoke of his meaning, my dark hair bushy pussy. I do have a hairy pussy, curly and long, six inches or more when stretched out. Joe’s father had loved my hairy pussy on his face, five seven and 130 pounds, 36 d’s, larger dark tan aureoles surrounded half inch, hard nipples. Joe stood taking a large gulp of my wine, kicking his shoes off and unbuckled his belt. Joe’s hard cock I could see long before he shoved down his jeans and underwear, Joe was huge like his father.

“Would you take this into your mouth,” one hand on his nine inch thick cock, the other unbuttoning his shirt. To my knees I knelt before Joe, awaiting him to finish with his shirt and bring his cock closer. Oh, his cock tasted so fantastic, I wanted it all and began sucking and loving in earnest.

“Would you eat my cum, Mom,” with his cock as deep as I could take and eyes up to his, I nodded yes.

“Is your pussy wet, Mom,” I nodded yes again, not taking my mouth from his cock. Up Joe pulled me to my feet, lifting me of his arms carry to my bed. My son looked deeply into my eyes and kissed me passionately, before laying me of my back. Gazing down upon me, Joe removed his socks, bending one knee and pulling up my leg I opened myself, to Joe.

Arms under my legs, Joe took along moment looking deeply into my eyes, I knew what Joe wanted. To show me how much he wanted this and was the same as I wanted. The devotion I am willing go, wanted my son’s cock but allowed him the lead moaning of the orgasm Joe was giving his mother’s pussy. My pussy far more sensitive than I’d ever known. I hadn’t known how far I was willing to go until my son came home finding me drinking alone, I hadn’t known how much my son desire me or how beautiful he thought I. Until he was posed to love his mother’s pussy eyes to mine.

“Oh Baby, Mommy wants this so badly,” never was I one to call out during sex but as another orgasm was building, I couldn’t stop myself.

“Mommy wants your cock so badly,” my hand to the back of Joe’s head I fucked hid face ever so gently as he loved my pussy so beautifully. Mouth covered with the flowing juiced of my orgasms Joe rose to take his hard cock of hand, guiding his huge cock into his mother’s, craving pussy. Joe’s cock felt magical penetrating to the depths of my soul and heart, not even his father had brought me to such levels of need.

“Mom, I want this moment to continue for the rest of our lives. I’ve truly never wanted anyone but you, Mom,” we both watched Joe’s huge cock fucking in and out of his mother’s hairy pussy. Orgasm after orgasm so beautiful I wanted my son fucking me forever but his cum I wanted, the taste of his huge cock and cum shooting in my mouth and down my throat.

“Oh yes, Baby. Never has Mommy had so beautiful orgasms. Mommy wants your cum, wants you looking into her eyes holding your cock, watching Mommy’s eyes cum shooting on my face,” up to my face huge cock of his hand, Joe cupped the back of my head stroking his large shaft to aim into his mother’s wanton mouth.

Total bliss orgasm shooting into my brain with the first pulse of his cum hitting the back of my throat, my hands to his cock, loving long after the last squirt. To my loving surprise Joe’s cock stayed hard and with the release of my mouth, Joe guided his huge cock into his mother’s pussy once again. There are no words explaining the tremendous loving feelings we were both having, only his cock and my pussy could say what we could not express.

I’m sure there are those who will read this and think it just a bunch of fantasies, written by some sex starved lonely old woman but you could not be more wrong. Joe has finished college, passed his bar exams and accepted of a large firm with great salary with promise of becoming a partner in time. I am now a stay at home wife to my son, running, doing the gym thing and keeping in shape. Devoting my life to my son and when my time of the month comes, there is always my mouth ready for his cum.

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