Mike and I

by Anon (Baltimore, US)

I am aged in my late 30s, I was to go on holiday to Florida on Tuesday, where my hubby would join with us on the following weekend. It was nice warm weather and I was wearing dark brown short skirt and light cotton top.

We loaded my SUV and my husband wanted his nephew, Mike in his late 20s, to go with me instead of him really made sense. We took turn in driving – a long way from Baltimore and were talking and listening to radio.

We pulled off to have a nice byte together. I noticed that Mike checking out my ass when he could, when we got back on the road I was in deep thought about him an attractive hunk - young, nice muscles, strong arms holding steering wheels and hairy chest.

My hubby has not fucked me in over a month and had to resort to masturbation quite often. While he driving I stretched myself to give Mike a view of my deep cleavage and ripe thighs. I could see his bulge almost bursting through his shorts.

Before approaching Washington DC, we stopped at a resting spot. I finished my toilet needs but decided to pull off my bra and panties to feel myself more relaxed and returned to our SUV.

By the early evening we reached a modest motel to send the night and were carrying things in, Mike was looking at my ass and swinging boobs as much as he could, I was getting moist now.

Mike jumped in the shower, I wanted to finger fuck my pussy so bad and think of Mike fucking me, how perverse of me, I opened the liquor cabinet for a stiff drink to pour a shot of vodka.

Mike came out in a tank top, OMG! those muscles, his built legs in those shorts, I bet he was worth pumping some pussy hard!! As I sipped on the vodka, Mike and I sat next to each other talking, laughing I got daring with him.

You know Mike, I bet you get a lot of action with the girls, you do have a great body! Thanks a lot auntie, a lot of them though are game players and fun seekers.

But, honestly, I like mature women of your age, the mature stuff like you are so hot.

I sipped more of the vodka, you want a good close look I said and stood up in front of him and leaned forward, OMG, I want to bury my face in it so bad. Go for it Mike…, he drew me with his strong hands around my waist and buried his face in between my upper thighs covering my pussy.

He jammed it in his nose first and sniffing and breathing it in deep. God I love it auntie, he said. This cannot get out Mike, this has to stay between us I mean it, won’t say a shit to know anyone auntie. We have hours before your uncle meets us tomorrow!! Do you have condoms, probably not, I will think of an alternative with the coke at hand and cotton rolls.

I’m going to fuck the shit out of you for whole night auntie, said Mike. I said, I look forward to it Mike I said. We had a couple of shots of Vodka and drank real fast. Auntie and I sat on the couch and started making out. Mike feeling up my boobs and ass, our tongues were dancing, seeking each others tongues.

Mike lifted me with his strong arms and carried me to the bed. God Mike, lick it honey, lick my pussy, slurp, slurp…, nice tasty pussy you have… he continued devouring my cunt, my God it was great, he continued licking and sucking my pussy until I came all over his face, Mike raised his head and started massaging and kissing my boobs.

I made a ball of cotton and soaked it with coke and pushed it deep into my wet pussy. This was surely to act as good contraceptive!! I invited Mike to slide that nice cock way into my cunt and pumped with those muscular legs, fuck it Mike, fuck me good baby, that he did to, hitting my cunt so nice.

Mike pounded my cunt hard and deep, a lot better than my hubby!! His cock was buried deep into my cunt, my legs were wrapped around him, my arms around his neck, his chest crashing my boobs with every thrust of his cock -- he pumped and pumped into my pussy.

OMG! Mike, you do know how to fuck honey, I said as he kept pumping. God! How could he pump and pump and pump without cumming…. and that he did, he had my pussy churning, smashing, creaming and I came all over his cock, that bed fucking creaked and rattled for hours, he fucked me hour after hour!!!We fucked until early morning.

I have never been so gloriously fucked, so fulfilled, so satisfied. He did fuck the shit right out of me.

Mike fucking me made me real perverse, I am his slut now and I am willing to do any form of sex with him, bet!! I will continue to let Mike fuck me even when we return home, I will open my thighs for my hubby for the weekends only, the rest of the days/nights are for Mike.

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