Michael's First Sixty-Nine

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

Michael is a friend of mine that I met at a VA clinic while bringing my brother-in-law for his doctor visits.
I started conversations with Michael and he said call me Mike.

Waiting times were long at VA clinic so Mike and I talk for hours. I found out he was bringing his brother so that left us with hours to talk mostly in private outside or in vehicle if bad weather.

Mike and I became good friends and he started telling me about his life without a woman.
Never had a girlfriend or wife and not many male friends.

Then he said as a matter of fact you are my closest or best friend I have. I told mike I don't have any friends here because I just moved here little over a year ago.

Mike and I hit the bars at times and when he drinks too much, he talks about why he didn't have any women because his dick was too short only 3.5 inches. He said he never fucked a woman or girl in younger days no pussy ever. Then he said no men either all he done was jack off or fuck sex toys all his life.

Mike is in his mid 60's. I finally told Mike I was bi sexual he did not know what that meant so I explained it to him and he thought I was just trying to make him feel better.
I told Mike I didn't believe he had a 3.5" dick either.

We done a few more drinks and ended up at Mikes house. He said he was a nudist and stripped down naked. I told Mike I was to and also stripped naked.
To my surprise Mike did have a short dick 3-4" it looked but very thick I starred at his dick and he was looking at my 8" dick.

Mikes dick was so thick it turned me on and before we knew what was happening we were in Mike's bed stroking each other's dick we got in the 69 position I licked the head of Mikes dick and licked his balls then I took his thick dick in my mouth and in a few seconds Mike was shooting the biggest load of cum I ever got his dick stayed hard as a rock and he started sucking my dick. I could feel he did not lie he never sucked a dick before or stroke one as big as my dick.

Mike gagged choked and teeth the hell out of my dick until I stopped him and told him to pay attention and I show him how to enjoy sucking a dick and swallowing cum.
I sucked about 3 loads of cum from Mike's dick and he gave huge loads every time almost more than I could swallow.

Then I showed Mike about anal sex starting with tonguing his asshole and prepping it for penetration which at first, he didn't like the penetration until a few minutes of in and out.
He is now a damn good fuck and a great cock sucker too.

Mike may have had a short dick but his thick dick let you know your ass was stretched to the max when he put it to you. I must say he stretch my ass more than any other guy.
You might say I am wide open these days. LOL

We meet at least twice a week now.


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