Michael's First Sixty-Nine: Part 2

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

During part 1 I explained that Michael wanted to be called Mike.

Mike never had sex with anyone other than himself and sex toys.
He was a very good friend of mine by this time so I wanted to help him out.

My kids were grown and living in their own house. Me and the wife living alone at home.

Yes she was still fucking me my 4 friends and her step dad and step brothers.

I invited Mike over to dinner one night ask him if he wanted to fuck the wife? He said no but he would love to watch me fuck her.

I had done told Susan the wife about Mike's short but huge diameter dick of course I did not tell her it was a mouth full and he stretched my ass with it.
Anyway, she was ready to give Mike his first pussy and I was ready to watch him stretch her pussy wide open.

I told Susan Mike just wanted to watch us fuck. She said okay but only if everyone was naked.
Mike agreed to being naked. Soon as Mike seen my dick go in Susan's pussy his dick got rock hard Susan's eyes where like saucers starring at Mike's thick dick.

It was hard to believe how short it was but even harder to believe how thick it was.
Susan motion Mike over to her closer to watch then she took his dick in her hand then guided his dick to her mouth.

Susan pulled off my dick laid back on couch and pulled him by the dick to her pussy soon as his dick touched her pussy, he pushed all 3.5" in her to his balls she was going wild her pussy never been stretched that far in her life he flooded her pussy with cum like he was shooting cum from a water hose.

We finally got in bed for a threesome. I told Susan that Mike said he never done a 69 before so she climbed on top put her pussy in his face and she sucked his thick dick complaining next day about her pussy and jaw sore from being stretched so far.

Guess you can say Mike got his first 69 again, with a woman this time.
I told Susan I was going to introduce Mike to the whole family.
She thinks that is a great idea.


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