Mexican Holiday with Lin

by Maria (Brazil)

I was with my aunt, Lin on holiday in Mexico. In her early 60s she was quite jubilant and there was no bar with me almost half of her age. After a brief swim on the sea nearby we headed for shower stall and took off our bikinis. We chatted while she washed my hair with shampoo and suddenly something caught my eyes. A ray of light shone in through a hole in one of the thin walls that divided the other shower stalls. It was a round hole of about two inches wide and two and half feet off the ground. A similar hole was near the ceiling – may be used to hold a shower head earlier.

There’s a hole in the wall - I said to Lin. Her eyes grew wide but a smile formed on her lips.

Do you have any idea about what kind of hole it could be? No, I replied. She made me wiser - it’s a lot more fun for many - it’s called a glory-hole. Lin informed me that she used to have great fun with those holes when at my age in Austin Tx. Just keep an eye on the hole, maybe we can have some fun later, she advised me.

She handed me the shampoo and turned her back to me. I applied the shampoo and kept on washing her hair. I knew how freely she expressed her sexuality, and I saw her massaging on her ample but sagged boobs or may be she was just soaping them!

I was almost finished shower with Lin, but she turned around and gathered a can of shaving foam from the bag, sprayed a little on her hand and applied it on her pubic mound. Then she leaned against the wall, lifted her leg high and lathered up her pussy well. I was awestruck as she grabbed a pink razor. I am doing it so that my hairs do not show out of my bikini … she expertly shaved her pussy clean. Do you want to shave yours too? She asked innocently and I simply shook my head. No, I’m fine. I only occasionally shaved my pussy, although I did always trim the edges.

As Lin was splashing some water between her legs to wash off the foam, I noticed something. There was a shadow on the other side of the hole. I think there’s someone in there now, pointing to the hole on the wall … I warned Lin. She got elated and asked me to quickly push my finger through the hole. Cautiously I pushed my finger in the hole, and kept on in-and-out motion as instructed by my aunt.

Soon the shadow moved and suddenly a guy inserted his hard cock through the hole. OMG! look! I whispered to my aunt, pointing at the throbbing 7” member. Let us play with it! She suggested. It will be fun to be kinky, she chuckled.

I was still a little too shocked as I had not seen a real cock before excepting my bf’s. I only touched his cock for brief moments but Lin commanded that if you don’t hold it by hand, she will …

But it didn’t stop Lin from reaching out and stroking the shaft a few times. Mmmm, this surely is a nice one - It’s big and thick. I seized the cock by my hand and wrapped it around the penis. I could feel it throb as I closed my hand and squeezed it a little.

Lin continued asking me to rub my hand up and down. It was a cut cock and a lot firmer now than I had expected and warm too. I also liked the smoothness and the way it moved as I slid my hand along the shaft. The throbbing cock was pulsating now and a bead of clear slippery fluid oozed from the tip. A muffled groan sounded from the other side of the thin wall. I was proud with the power I exerted over this man, just by grabbing his cock.

All these things were making me quite aroused too and my pussy was beginning to feel all warm and squishy as I kept stroking the guy’s cock. His hips began to thrust a little and I wondered if he was about to shoot his sperm. But before I could find out, Lin told me to stop.

She said in low voice - let’s make it extra nice for him. Watch and learn. By saying so she knelt in front of the hole, seized the throbbing penis and stroked it some more. She took the cock head into her mouth and stuck out her tongue, swirled it round the tip and licked up drops of pre-cum. After that she opened her mouth full and took the cock into her mouth – whole of it!

Despite my initial shock, I had to see this. I crawled up next to her and watched her suck this guy. It was obvious she had quite a lot of experience, and she used it all to please the stranger.

After some time, Lin took her mouth off the penis and rubbed her fist up and down the now slippery shaft. Are you sure you don’t want to try? She asked me in low voice. I humbly rejected her offer.

OK then, and then she stood up and pushed her back against the wall. She rolled her hips, rubbing the penis between the cheeks of her ass. Then she grabbed the cock and bent it down a little so it was at a perfect angle for penetration. With the tip wedged between her pussy lips, she pushed her ass back. I was dumbstruck as an unknown cock now slowly invaded my aunt’s cunt.

She moved all the way back until she had her butt against the wall and the guy was as deep inside her as possible, I suppose! She groaned softly as the guy pulled out a little and then thrust his cock back in Lin’s pussy. Steadying herself with one hand and rubbing her swollen clit with the other, she pushed back, moving together with the man. Lin asked me to massage her boobs hard … while the fucking was going on!!

I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, and she was obviously enjoying it. They fucked slowly at first, but as passion heated, the motions got more forceful. Soon she was slamming her butt fiercely against the wall, fucking the stranger with all her might.

I wondered what it would feel like to have something this big inside my pussy. My body was begging for some of what Lin was getting. I could not help but slipping my hand between my thighs now. My palm pressed against my inflamed pussy. OMG, I needed to cum. Two of fingers slipped inside me, filling the aching void in my wet pussy.

Throwing my modesty in front of her, I began fucking my pussy with my fingers. Matching my movements with those of the stranger, I imagined it was me who was getting fucked instead of Lin. My thumb flicked back and forth over my highly sensitive clit. Pressure inside me rose quickly and, finally, there was sweet relief. It took all my strength to keep silent as waves of pleasure raced all over my body.

I could see Lin was about to climax too. She was biting her teeth to keep quiet as the guy fucked her ever closer to orgasm. Then suddenly she lunged forward, shivering as she frantically rubbed her clit. A gush of liquid splashed forcefully out of the wall as she came. Then her legs collapsed and she fell into my arms. I held her close as she came, trembling all over my body.

But soon she got on her knees and took the cock in her mouth once more and again she offered the cock to me. Quick, come here baby, Lin said, suck his cock! And moments later I found myself on my knees, moving my head closer to the penis. I licked it and then closed my lips around the knob. Lin nodded and made a bobbling motion with her head. I opened my jaw as wide as I could and took the entire head in my mouth. It was big and I almost gagged as it hit the back of my throat.

I must have done a good job, because suddenly the cock lunged forward and globs of hot slimy sperm filled my mouth. I looked in panic at Lin, but she told me to swallow it and keep sucking. I tried to swallow it, but before I could, the penis lurched again and another glob spat in my mouth. I quickly swallowed, trying to time my actions with the next spurt of sperm, alternatingly sucking the cock and swallowing the warm cum. I wanted him to keep shooting, but all too soon it was over and the cock slowly began to lose its stiffness in my mouth. Soon it disappeared back in the hole.

Aunt Lin smiled proudly at me as she pulled me to my feet, telling me I did a wonderful job. She gave me a kiss on the lips, and licked up the drops that had leaked from my mouth.

She looked at me and we kissed again, a real kiss this time, with her tongue exploring my mouth. Her hands grabbed my firm tits as we kissed, squeezing them and pinching on them lightly. Her wandering hands found their way between my thighs and I felt her fingers stroking my pussy lips. We had another shower together and dried ourselves, and got dressed and left the booth happily!!

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