Me Time

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Me Time

Ever since going through puberty and learning my pussy had more than one purpose, I’ve been fingering myself. Pregnant and married just after graduating, my high school sweet heart. Twin boys I produced, my husband’s father got him a job as a Tool Swampier in the Oil Industry of the Offshore Rigs. Which means his job is to pick up all or any tools, keeping him away from home weeks at a time.

After three days home, he’s had all the pussy he needs until the night before he is to leave again, it wasn’t that way in the beginning. Don loved my pussy in the beginning and what a wonderful life I thought I was to have, having my pussy loved often. Something changed over the years, Don in a rush to get his, leaving me wanting. Spends most his off time hunting, fishing, leaving me and our sons alone.

Our boys eighteen and Don’s work schedule keeping him from coming home for the graduation. A call I got, a shut down and a drilling tool broken off, Don wouldn’t be home until the tool was retrieved. My next neighbor and best friend June, we often complain of our sexy life, me more than June. June married a much older man and now in her forties, she and I both having to get out, the power tools.

A son a year older than my boys attending the local university, I noticed June had little complains lately and she appeared totally radiant, suspected something was up. Noticed June’s son car home, where in the past he has always been a pussy chaser, my boys have always spoken of his exploits a year behind him. June and I often have coffee, four or five times a week, next door neighbors we enter knocking on the kitchen door if either garage door is open.

June’s son’s car has been parked every day for the past two weeks with the garage door closed, heard scurrying when I tapped lightly, opened the kitchen door calling June. In a bath robe June came as if she just showered or bathed, June’s son came dressed of oversized t-shirt and sweat pants bottoms. Positive radiated and ten years younger, June appeared. I studied the two with a queer eye.

“You two are fucking each other,” I sat at the kitchen table thinking and knowing I was correct, made up my mind, asking June’s son.

“How do I approach my twins,” long moments of silence June and her son looking to one another, June gave a nod of her head.

“The direct approach,” he paused.

“Tell them you are so proud and pleased with them graduating you are going to reward them, sex with their mother and watch what happens. Last time you were over I accidentally overheard you and Mom, speaking of your love life. I simply laid it on the line, telling Mom there was no other I wanted to fuck with, more than her.”

“The two of you have my blessings,” kissed June’s cheek before leaving.

The short walk home my mind was racing, a nice ass and great set of tits. Have noticed when I go without bra my sons eyes follow sway. Cute and even pretty I’ve been told of my face, all my life. Fixed my boys a steak dinner their last day of high school, sent them off to shower and with instructions to dress casual as tonight was to be, a special occasion.

Knew my boys, Bob and Ron would be hungry, an early supper wouldn’t be a problem and a long night of taking cherries I planned, pouring classes of wine. Stood behind my usual chair of low cut blouse and short skirt, bra-less without panties. Both my boys came, pulling out my chair before sitting, both set of eyes watching sway as I seated.

Joked with my boys, telling we were to have a very special summer. Planned to keep my boys close to home, if my plans of the evening worked out as I hoped. Towering above me, my boys helped with the dishes, tits swaying Bob and Ron watching my every move. Gave me the confidence to carry out my plans. Poured each of us another glass of wine.

“Mommy is so proud of her two boys,” unbuttoning blouse as I spoke.

“Mommy has a special reward for the two of you,” to wide eyes of my boys, I shrugged off my blouse letting hit the floor and reached behind unsnapping my short skirt, to let fall.

“Mommy’s reward, is the pussy you two have peek so many times,” my pussy was so wet I wanted to rush but toyed with my hairy bush, watching my boys eyes.

“These titties,” palmed my tits rolling hard nipples with thumbs and forefingers.

“Does Mommy have any takers,” hard cocks I could see of sweat pants.

“Who goes first,” Bob questioned, removing his t-shirt.

“Very polite of you to ask Bob but Mommy was hoping for both. Can Mommy see those hard cocks,” Ron had always let his brother Bob take the lead, my first born.

“You two are very beautiful,” finger through my hairy bush, boys in a rush getting naked, cocks identical. Seven inches and thicker than my hand could reach around.

“Mommy wants to suck cock and have her pussy fucked at the same time,” without another word I turned headed toward my bedroom, didn’t have to look behind, knew my boys were following. My boys had never dated but of their room I knew they weren’t gay, I’ve always done their laundry.

Upon my bed of all fours I had Ron lay before me, cock standing high and Bob mount me from the rear. Felt Bob rubbed the huge head of his cock in my wet pussy juices, lubing before slipping in. Not that I needed lubrication but felt good and my pussy blew up with Ron’s cock of my mouth. Felt Bob pull out as I loved Ron’s beautiful cock, tongue I felt licking my juices, hard cock back in pussy, I heard Bob call out.

“Mom, your pussy tastes so fantastic! Ron, you have to taste Mom’s pussy,” with this I raised straggling Ron’s face and reached to bring Bob’s cock closer. Switched back and forth sucking and loving my boy’s cocks. After another huge orgasm I settled my hairy pussy over Ron’s cock, deep throating Bob. Both my boys blew their loads simultaneously, down my throat and deep inside my pussy. Giving me the most wonderful feeling I have ever known.

Long into the night we fucked, sucked and ate cum. My boys cum taste so much better than their Dad’s, no other had I ever tasted but as I lay between my boys sleeping, I knew I would never desire another. Eased out of the bed and took a shower, didn’t bother to dress other than a short apron in the kitchen cooking a large breakfast knowing my boys would be hungry, needing fuel.

“Mom, last night was the most fantastic time of my life,” heard Bob come into the kitchen, knowing he could see my naked ass, back to him cooking.

“Where’s Ron,” over my shoulder I questioned.

“He’s using our shower, I used yours,” Bob quick to answer.

“Sit the table,” I called, a quick look to see Bob was hard of his sweat pants.

“Good morning, Mom,” heard the hesitation in Ron’s voice to know his gaze, was upon my ass.

“Pour the juice. You boys as hungry and horny as Mom this morning,” breakfast upon the table I removed apron folding to lay of the kitchen counter, seeing both my boys hard cocks.

“Mommy is even more proud of her men today,” both my boys came to pull out my chair, a hard cock of each hand I kissed before directing to the table.

The whole of the week to come, my boys and I sucked, fucked, never dressing pass my apron for cooking. So well I felt loved and fucked, finally the itch I’d known all my life was scratched, the boys loving their mother’s pussy. Eating my pussy both got into, switching out to lick before fucking, while the other played with my tits fucking my mouth. Loved until I had to go to the market, my boys eating nearly everything of the house, checked the mail upon my return to find a letter, from Don.

“Susan, the boys are eighteen and graduated, I’m divorcing you. You can have the house, cars, and all that’s in it. There’s money in our joint account. I could never satisfy your needs and have always felt less of a man. I never truly believed the boys were mine. My lawyer will be in touch. I have found someone and I do wish you well, hoping you find someone too.”

Don had always taken care of the money, he was not a greedy man and I wasn’t worried now, sitting of the driveway. Don was the father, I’d never been with another until my boys and I am sorry I made Don feel less of a man. Guess I knew all along but sad or hurt I didn’t feel, seeing my boys coming to help with toting. Supplies restocked, I undressed for my boys, smiling and letting them know, Mommy wanted cock.

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