Me, Neighbour, Aunt and Mom (True Story)

by Mathias Brekk (Sweden)

I was out hiking a nice day in September sitting on a mountain top eat my lunch and look in the binoculars to see the wildlife and i look past the place were all the cabins are and saw my neighbour walk towards her cabin from the toilet... I was in shock was she naked ?

She went of my view and i sat there waiting for her to appear again.... She come back out from the cabin and went to her balcony and sat in a chair sunbathing. Hell no I’m not her anymore and there was approxly 3 miles in air line to her cabin, I ran as fast as my leg could carry my 22yrs old legs.

I stopped 100m from her cabin and i needed to catch up my breath, i was like a whale she prob could hear me in long distance so i rested for 5 minutes and i walked towards her balcony and look between over the privacy boards and see straight into her 67 yrs old pussy as far back i could remember she never had a man but i had never asked.... I stood there watching her lovely hairy pussy and here firm boobs.

Then her phone alarm went off she got up and went inside and come back out with her dinner and beer. I was horny as hell i wanted inside that old hot lady, i heard she left and come out again and then i heard this buzzing sound and my heart pounding like crazy when i look over the edge again and she that she was playing with a giant black dildo, i got really hard and took my phone out and slid it under the rail on record and then i silent climb onto to balcony.

I sit in front of her 50cm from that giant black dildo pounding that lovely pussy , she start moaning louder and louder she open her eyes and shouted out aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw and she squirt and my shirt was cover with her juices and she cover her pussy and asked WTF are u doing her.... I told her the long story and pointed on the mountain in distance and she forgot her selfie and removed her and says no way but she says i still answer what i was doing here.

So i told her i wanted to see her up close and when i did, i really got a hardon of you. She look awkward on me, did this old shaggy body make u horny??? Yes it did.. And i want to help you , can i taste your pussy i asked carefullyshe thought about it a good time and she spread her legs open....

I fuck her in all positions i come up with and a few more, after cumming in here 5 or 6 times and she was on her knee sucking me stiff and ready again i heard a voice i knew. There i was with my cock in my old neighbours mouth and there aunt stand outside the balcony and says what a naughty boy.

She left us and went for her cabin and she turn back on the way and said i should drop byewhen i was done fucking my neighbour....

So i fucked my neighbour hard in the ass for the final, and her holes was dripping of my semen when i rounded up and promise to come by her home very soon (I’m there 2-3 times a week but that’s another story)

I went to my aunts cabin wondering, what was it she wanted, is she angry, upset or something, i walk in without knocking and found here laying naked on the kitchen table touching her pussy, i was in another shock within 2hours. She said she gone wet in her panties of looking my neighbour suck my dick, i gently asked why she did not join in.

She said she wanted my fully attention, so are u gonna fuck me senseless she said... um hm your my aunt, she counter and said it can be our secret. I went over to the table and walk around the table and touch here big boobs, and back to her legs and touch her pussy and she was right SUCH a wet pussy i never touch before and my thumb enters my aunt (forgot to lock the dooor).

While i fingerfuck her juicy pussy she said she wanted my cock in her mouth so i kept my thumb inside her and went around the table dropped my pants and she grab my cock and guide it to her mouth sucking like crazy.

My aunt was 36 and good looking with shoulder long brown hair and a real sexy thing, i fantasy about her once and awhile and now the day was her, i blew my cum inside her mouth and my cock feeling sore and tender how long will this go on while she keep on sucking my dick.

She suddenly stop and swing of the table and commanded me on my back on the bed and she get on top of me and guided my cock into here shaved vagina.... All things that was on my mind was my sore cock deep into my aunts pussy and the pressure once again build up and the moment i fire my semen deep into my aunt wet cunt my mom come in the door.

She saw my aunt on my cock and she was furious and rage like a bull my cock become the tiniest thing in the world and she commanded me out the HELL out the door. My aunt jump off my lap my cock left behind well used with semen around my shaft.

My mom sit on the edge of the bed crying, what we was doing was wrong and her sister should know better. I told mom it was ok for me, it’s still wrong she shouted....

Marit her sister come back in again still naked looking for clothes mom removed her sweater and throw it to her and told her to get back out.

My mom was now sitting there in only the bra and still crying, i laid my hands on her bra and ask if i could see her boobs she stop crying and with wild EYES she look at me "you say what" (i think BAD IDEA) i then said it was prob my fault since my aunt Marit had caught me with Karin the Neighbour while she blow me.

Mom look at me AGAIN U SAY WHAT ? If you are in the need for boobs u can glance on mine and she removed her bra and give freedom to the nicest boobs i ever seen (34F) She just sat there paralyzed when i touch her boobs and pressed her nipples.. My mom have a slim body and the age of 40 and same hair as her sister .

I gently asked mom if she would like to hold my cock, she did not answer...

I let go of her boobs and closed my eyes and start fantasy a bit fucking mom as my sore tender dick was lifted and placed in a warm mouth. I open my eyes and mom was sucking my cock and rubbing her pussy, i took my hand in her pussy direction and was hoping to touch her she slam my hand away with a NO....

My aunt come back in and she smile a evil smile when she sees her sister and my mom sucking my cock and she says to her sister if she could come in again... my mom says uhmmm with my cock inside and i said Marit should come over my hand guided straight to her wet pussy and 2 fingers inside her wet pussy and my mom lift her head and said u two are fucking useless!

I’m sorry mom i replied , this is not the time to be sorry I WANT your cock inside me and she climbed on top and guided my cock inside her wet pussy! My mom said to her sister that she should sit on my face so i could eat her out while mom could spank her ass RED AND SORE u stupid bitch.

The last thing i remember was my Load was dumped deep inside mom and i woke up the next day to bacon and eggs. My mom have left and aunt marit had invited my neightbour to breakfast.... I got 3some idea and was done with breakfast in a sec and i found my neighbours wet clit with my toes what she did not now was my fingers were already inside aunts wet cunt......

So my aunt cleaned the table and went to the toilet and my neighbour was on her back on the table and me pounding that old wet cunt with my still sore rock cock as i shot my load into her still semen soaked pussy my aunt come back in and made my neighbour feel uncomfortable and she dress and left and my aunt start laughing and i join in..

She walked over and whispers my turn in my ear, can i fuck your arse i reply um hm never done that but be gentle she says as she bent over the table and did something that tip her of the edge as i knelt behind her spread her legs and licked her asshole and she mooned loud out NAUGHTY boy come inside me i stand up and guided my cock into her wet pussy and lube it up with pussy juices and then i pushed gently on her back door she sobbed as my cock touch the bottom of her and i stop for a sec and asked if she was ok....

I’m fine now fuck my arse HARD... I gently moved slow at the start and then increase the speed my sore cock and balls was under pressure i was in pain when i filled her arse with my last load of semen that weekend..

I never got my 3some with my neighbour she passed away 5 yrs later with my fresh semen inside of her.

Still fucking my aunt as often i can, my mom said never again :(

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