Me Her and Then Him

by Anonymous

My new neighbours moved in and I introduced myself to them. Hi I am Bert. Hello we are Sara and Derek. Remember guys if you need anything let me know. About a week later I noticed Sara sun tanning with her top down, my she was a lovely woman, she excited me alot.

Hi Bert how are you doing, she was smiling at me, look its hot out, do you want something cold to drink? Sure Sara I will be right over, will Derek be joining us? No he is out right now. So I came over and sat in the chair close to her.

So we talked about the neighborhood and slowly it went to her sun tanning. Bert am I distracting you as I sun tan? Sara you have a beautiful body and all that you need is exposure, we laughed. You’re not bad yourself Bert.

She turned around with her breasts exposed, I almost blew my load. Sara saw that she had an effect on me, as my cock was very hard. Seems that you have a hard cock Bert. Why wouldn't I have one in your presence? You’re a beautiful woman, just looking at you makes me thirsty.

Sara laughed at what I said, then she asked me to put sun tan lotion on her body. I complied and was enjoying doing it. Then all of a sudden she reached for my cock and held it. Bert your very hard aren't you? I didn't say anything, we kissed and I sucked on her tits.

She got up and asked me to follow her into the house. I complied, once inside we kissed passionately, all we had was our bottoms on, we made our way to the bedroom. I asked about Derek and she replied don't worry about him, let's just enjoy the moment.

We kissed, masturbated and sucked on each other. Sara had me lay back as she was sucking on my cock. When all of a sudden the door opened and in walked Derek. He stood there looking at us, I felt terrible and thought he was going to fight me, but he didn't, instead he undressed and joined us.

I was speechless, as Sara calmed me down, informing me that they both suck cock together. Sara started first, then Derek was sucking my cock, I couldn't believe what was happening to me.

They were sucking me and loving it as they did. Sara came up to my face and we kissed, then Derek came up and we kissed as well, I did not know what to expect from them. Then Derek took my place and we sucked on his cock, I have to say that it was sensual and hot.

Sara got up and said now you two make love as I watch you do it. We kissed and sucked our cocks as Sara watched, she was so excited watching us.

Then she said look Bert, we all get along here as neighbours, we want to have sex with you whenever we can, it could be me or Derek or you and Derek, what do you say?

I thought about it then agreed to their proposition to continue sucking and fucking. I laid down and they continued to suck on my cock. I exploded in Derek’s mouth, Sara kissed him, got cum in her mouth, then she kissed me and shared my cum as well. Derek put my cum on my lips, then I licked it up.

We both worked on Sara and she exploded, which left Derek the only unfinished one there. Needless to say that we all had lots of loving between us. They are my best neighbours ever.

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