Me And My Sister In Law

by El moderno (Mexico)

It was one weekend my sister in law invited me to watch a movie in her room and i accepted.

Since my wife was asleep in the other room. I went over to my sister in laws room and saw her just laying face down wearing shorts.

I could see her huge ass just busting up nice and wonderful i started getting a hard on right away she looked at me and said come in sit on the bed with me and watch this movie with me.

I was watching it after a while i fell asleep. That’s when i felt her hand grab my hand i woke up and she started kissing me i kissed her back she knelt down on the bed pulled my shorts down and started caressing my dick which i enjoyed.

She started sucking my dick with her mouth wide open up and down i grabbed her by the hair and pull her up layed her on the bed and got on top of her i started sucking her tits and she said you wanna fuck me right, i said yes why not you love dick right, she said go get a condom and put it on your dick so you can fuck me while my sister is asleep.

I told her i wanna sleep with you all night long and fuck your asshole too and she said fuck yeah you’re a fucking pervert i want you in my asshole now.

I started to run my finger in her tight asshole and she was moaning like crazy i licked her asshole and pussy, my dick was so hard i told her to ride my cock and she started out slow and easy, her moaning started to get so loud that’s when i saw my wife on the doorway just wearing a thong and msturbating her pussy and ass.

Behind her ass she had a big dildo going up her ass fast enough that she was moaning, when my sister in law saw her and said why don’t you ride your husband’s dick like i am i was so horny when my wife started to kiss her sister and sucking her nipples.

I couldn’t believe it was happening at last i slept with sister in law and my wife at the same time i fucked them both while one was licking my balls i was fucking the others pussy so hard until i came three times.

We heard a knock on the door it was her brothers girlfriend she carefully opened the door and saw us, she came in and said oh my god can i film this please and said wait but don’t tell your brother I’m so horny right now i wanna get some of that dick too if it’s okay with you two.

I told her come in and undress yourself bitch and give me a blow job she grabbed my cock and jerk me off first, she started sucking my cock she got on top of me and rode my dick so hard up and down she started moaning.

I put her doggy style and rammed my dick in her pussy while my wife was fucking her own sister with a dildo in the ass.

They were both enjoying them self when her brother walked in on all of us and saw his girlfriend riding me he saw his sisters fucking each other and he started undressing grabbed his younger sister put her on her knees and fucked her in the asshole while my wife licked his balls i loved the way he fucked my wife so hard and violent and fuck each other all night.

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