Me And My Sister And Her Girlfriend

by Abraham

Hey every one let me introduce my self as Abraham and i'm 19 years old and never had a real girlfriend and never had sex before and my sister is Anna and she is 18 years old and her friend meth at the same age as my sister and they both are virgins.

Me and my sister been having feelings towards each other since we are very little , that one time my dad caught us naked together in her bedroom just laying next to each other and i didn't learned how to jerk off at that time.

I'm 67 kg and my sis is like 59 kg and she is in a very perfect shape and very sexy, we both have the same genes almost, we both are white with little tan and we are both brown haired.

Let me get to the story directly for you folks.

That day my father was out in a business trip outside the country so i didn't expect him any soon and my mom was in the second floor, Yes our house got this type of construction that every floor is separated from the other.

My sister invited her friend meth and she was cute girl with very white skin and she’s blonde haired and i always wanted to fuck her rounded ass.

I was in the first floor jerking off totally naked when i saw my sister little hamster walking infront of me then i had to wear clothes and return that hamster to his cage, when i was going up the stairs i saw my sister and her friend and they looked at me and asked what was in my hand, i told her i found her little hamster walking around the first floor and she told me that he was missing since last night and she was very happy to see him again.

Soon after that i returned to the first floor and got naked again and watched couple of porn videos while playing with my dick , i was surprised to hear my sister calling my name in a weird way, so i had to move my head and i saw my sister with her friend and they both were covering their mouth with their hands.

I didn't know what to say then , so i covered my dick and remembered that i didn't close the door after i returned that hamster and he must ran away again so they thought he came back to the first floor where i found him.

I asked them why didn't they called me before coming downstairs, But no replay, their eyes where focused on my covered dick, With giggles coming out of them.

They asked me why did i covered my dick and its no use now because they already saw me, and asked me to continue playing with my dick so they can know what does the males body do, and they came closer and just watched me jerking till i cummed a huge load that almost reached them.

They laughed and ran away, thats what they did and i didn't expected a lot from a two 18 years old virgin girls who never saw a naked guy.

The next day was Thursday and my mom left for work but my sister was home because there is no schools at the summer vacations.

Sitting in my room half naked watching Netflix then, my sister walks in wearing juts a thin pantie that didn't really cover anything , then she said thats not all and she called her friend she was totally naked and they both had their hands on their hips and asked what do i think about that.

I threw my phone away and looked at those naked cute teen girls in my room, they both had kinda small boobs with those little dark pussies i couldn't resist so i asked them to close the door and i took my pants off and i was already hard, i can't believe i'm naked with my sister and her friend, i must be in some kind of a dream?But it wasn't.

They both approached my bed and sat next to me and they both held my dick with their hands and I was so hot and rock solid hard.

My sister got her head down while her friend kissed my lips, While my sister was sucking my dick, i was playing with her friends small cute sweet body, that made me want to cum fast and i was moaning to them that my load is about to go out and they stuck to each other and took the load on their faces.

How amazing was seeing those young faces with my cum on them, And i'm still hard and they were happy about it, Since they were both virgin they wanted to do anal so we did, I cummed in her friends tight asshole and i moved my dick out to see her dripping my cum out of her ass.

My sister was very very horny and she cum too and that was the biggest orgasm i've seen and didn't know that girl could cum that big.

Her friend was so horny too that she told me that she want to cum like her to i started to play hard with her clit while my sister still playing with my semi hard cock till she blasted it on my face and her legs.

She was little shy after she cum and we decided that it was enough for the day but they insisted for something so we had to shower together in the same shower.

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