Me and my Brother

by Lenka (Czech Republic)

I will tell you about our story with my brother after we went to university. I opened the door and entered my brother's room. I sat on the bed and looked at the picture that had caught his eye. I was only in a bra, leaning back and trying to unbutton it with my hands.

In this photo, my breasts were sticking out and looked bigger and more appetizing than they actually are. I asked my brother if he liked my picture, and he just nodded. I asked him if he wanted to see the same thing, but this time live, and he just stared at me dumbfounded.

I stood up, took off my blouse and turned around. I leaned back and reached to unbutton my bra. I stayed in that position for about a minute, then went on and unbuttoned the straps. I turned to him and went to the bed. I asked him if he wanted to take it off himself.

He reached out and slid the straps lightly over my shoulders and down my arms. The cold, evening air passed through my nipples and they pushed forward. I put my hands under my left breast and pressed it until the nipple reached my mouth.

I sucked it, looking my brother straight in the eye. His hand went under the sheet and I saw him start masturbating, excited by what he saw. I reached out and removed the sheet, kneeling next to him. I bent down and took the head of his penis in my mouth.

I sucked it in and let my saliva run its entire length. I swallowed the whole trunk all the way to the balls and first sucked one and then the other with my hot, wet lips. I felt his hands trying to take off my pants, so I stood up and freed myself from both my pants and my panties.

I could feel the moisture between my legs and my clit, which was also protruding with excitement. Then he reached over and pulled me onto the bed, where I sat on his face, facing his feet. I felt his tongue on my cleft and one finger on my anus.

No one had touched me there until then, and it aroused me terribly. Every time I tried to bend down and lick his penis, he stopped me. He pushed me slightly forward so he could stick his tongue in my ass. I had the feeling that a snake was crawling on my ass.

The feeling was exceptional. I began to feel the orgasm conquer my whole body as he licked my back slit. At one point he stopped and made me stand up. Then he grabbed me and took me to the bathroom. He stopped in front of the mirror and reached for a lubricant from the shelf.

My brother started rubbing my anus with it, and I looked at his face in the mirror. He didn't say a word - he just slowly inserted his penis into my ass. I was extremely aroused, feeling his masculinity sink inside me.

Although I was still a virgin in the ass, I had the feeling that I had done it hundreds of times. I began to turn my ass and string on his cock. It was hard as iron and slid easily up and down. He started pushing my ass harder and harder when he felt it was going to end, and at that moment I started getting cramps from the raging pleasure.

This went on for fifteen minutes, and he kept fucking me until he finally shot his cum in my ass. The heat of the fluid entering me contributed to my orgasm and when it passed, he had to hold me because my legs were as soft as rubber.

When he pulled his cock out of me, I felt the sticky semen coming out of my ass and run down my feet. He picked me up and carried me to the bed, placing me carefully on it. He went to get a towel and wiped my ass and legs with cool cloth.

I fell asleep with my face huddled in his groin, and woke him up in the morning, pawing at his magnificent instrument. Since then, I have decided to move to his university and, of course, we lick and fuck every night.

Even when I'm in a cycle, I give him blowjobs and swallow his semen. But as long as I can have his penis in my mouth, my ass and my pussy every night, nothing else will matter… END

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