Me and Ms. Leggett

by Sean (Atlanta Ga. United States)

I'm 18 years old and I'm over at my teacher Ms. Leggett's house for the weekend.

She's 39 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, 6'0", and a very sexy figure.

One Saturday, we're watching this movie on TV and this couple is undressing each other in the bedroom.

I happen to put my hand on Ms. Leggett's thigh, her first name is Joan by the way.

I look at her and she's smiling at me.

I whisper "I love you" in her ear and she softy says "I love you too", my cock has gotten hard.

I ask Ms. Leggett "can I have sex with you?" she says "sure".

So she turns the TV off and we go into her bedroom, Ms. Leggett closes the blinds, she takes my clothes off.

Then I get on my knees and caress Ms. Leggett's thigh, she takes her shirt off and I pull down the zipper on her jeans, unbutton them, and pull her jeans down.

I smile as I look at Ms. Leggett's panties, she's wearing a sexy purple satin bikini.

I get Ms. Leggett up against the wall, she stands on footstool, and I start rubbing my nice, hard penis up and down Ms. Leggett's pretty, silky smooth leg.

Ms. Leggett is so sexy, she has her head up and her eyes closed as I rub my silky smooth cock on her silky smooth leg.

After 10 minutes, I get Ms. Leggett down off the footstool, we get on the floor and I start fucking Ms. Leggett in her ass, has such a nice ass on her.

Ms. Leggett is having a nice orgasm as I fuck her nice and good.

Then I put my cock in Ms. Leggett's mouth and she starts sucking it nice and good, she really knows how to suck a cock.

We get on her bed and I put my cock in Ms. Leggett's pussy and fuck her nice and good. Oooo, I love how smooth and silky Ms. Leggett's pussy feels.

After fucking Ms. Leggett in her pussy for 5 minutes, I rub my cock between her nice 36D breasts.

I'm feeling really good.

After a minute, I start moaning very sexually as I get Ms. Leggett's breasts all wet with my cum.

Ms. Leggett rubs my cum all over her body like lotion.

She goes "Oooo you're the best, baby", then we kiss.

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