May – A Homeless Girl: Pt 2

by Czodias (Canada)

After dinner I was working on my computer in her room before going to go bed. Suddenly I felt her standing very close behind my chair – I could smell her body and her tits touching the back of my head. She was stroking my neck and massaging slowly, it felt really good that brought me a huge erection.

I tried to hide it but she could see the tent in my boxer. I stopped working and turned around and planted a light kiss on her lips. She grabbed my head and started kissing me drawing my lower lip into her mouth – I was seeking her tongue in return. I asked her if she wanted a massage by me. She felt elated: oh, yes, please.

She took off her blouse and lay on her face down on this small bed of the room and told me to apply some lotion onto her back. She gave me the tube of body lotion I bought her this morning and poured some on my palms and I started slowly massaging her back – from neck to waist just above the butt cheek. She visibly relaxed once I touched her and unclasped her bra to give me good access to her back.

By now my cock was fighting to be out of my boxer. My hard-on brushed her butt a couple of times and she might have responded moaning mmmmmUM. By now we both knew what was going to happen. Her gaze was on my hard-on all through this time. She pleaded: do my front, and she turned herself on her back, her bra fell down! OMG! What a sight… I applied some lotion on her stomach and moved slowly up to her beautiful budding breasts. I slowly massaged her breasts tugging on her small dots called nips every time by my finger.

She slowly pleaded: downward please. She spread her legs wide apart and revealing a pair of puffed but firm pussy lips adorned with light cover of brownish hairs. I could fuck her right then but thought I should also massage her pussy well. I pour some lotion on one of my hands and liberally spread over her pussy trying to find her slit. I started massaging her pussy lips slowly drawing them apart exposing the glistening slit. May was moaning with pleasure and her hands were massaging her own tits.

I slowly inserted a finger along the pussy slit and then into it … She muttered: mmmmm, feels good. I added another finger and could feel her tightness and warmth. She did not have hymen all though her passage. She was stroking my hard cock over my boxer. I kissed her on her mouth, then belly, abdomen and slowly moved to her pussy area. It smelled erotic and inviting … I put off my boxer so that she could take it in her hand…

With wild abandon I licked and sucked her pussy. She grasped my head and started to force my head deeper into her cunt. I licked her clit and nibbled it in between my teeth. She raised her ass to meet my mouth and screamed in ecstasy, ooohhhh, more please…. I needed no further encouragement. I moved and kissed deeply on the opening of her vagina, loved the taste her sweet nectar. My throbbing dick pulsed in her stroking hand. I asked her if she wanted it in her pussy. After a brief pause, she replied: won’t it hurt? I could only say: let’s try!

I spread her pussy lips already soaked in juices mixed with my saliva along her slit. I started rubbing my cock on her cunt – the precum made the act more pleasurable for both of us. She moaned gutturally and begged me to put my cock into her. I moved my cock along the opening of her pussy couple of times and then added some body lotion on my shaft to make insertion easier for her! Pleeease, she cried. I placed my cock between the inner lips of her pussy – pushing slowly into her slit… She gasped and clutched my waist by her hands.

I went on pushing my cock deeper into her cunt now, her pussy lips gave way to my insertion. Her cunt was tight but it had been well lubricated so that it was easy for her to fuck me. She pulled my head to her soft breasts and told me to suck on it. As I chewed softly on her breasts alternating from the left to the right, I slowly pumped my hard throbbing cock into her warm-smooth cunt. I could feel her orgasm approaching as she clutched my head tightly like a vice and whimpered and continued moaning mmmmmmooohhhhhhh!! I also came in gushes deep into her.

We took some rest – feeling each other’s warm body. She raised her head and stroking my hairy chest and was lightly stoked my nips. My nips are too sensitive. One of the mature women I had sex with taught me the pleasure of nip sucking. I asked May to suck on my nips and she rose on her knees to do it. While she was doing it, her hand moved to my cock and I was massaging her pussy slowly by me hand. My cock retrained its hardness soon. She whispered: I want more sex…

She was already on her knees and I thought I could fuck in doggy position: my favorite. I got behind her and opened her cunt with my erect cock and pushed in. This time the entry was easy and smooth as her cunt was already wet and slippery through our earlier session. She immediately buried her face into the pillows and stifled out a loud moan. I pounded her hard for a few minutes and she came again, this one far more intense than the first. I kept fucking her while I felt her cunt muscles gripped my cock tighter. I was nearing orgasm as I went on pumping my cock into her.

When she came again I could not control myself and ejected jets of cum deep into her womb. When done, I dismounted and we fell into a deep satisfied sleep. I woke up in the morning and watched her naked body and thought it might be the last time I would see her. I held her to me as she woke up, and I felt her body quivering. I told her she was beautiful, kissed her mouth and small tits, and reached down to feel her nice young body. She would be leaving for her homeless family after breakfast.

We had long shower together – feeling each other’s body, kissing and hugging, then dried each other. We had a leisurely breakfast. For the first time she told me where she lived. I took her in my car and drove for an hour to reach a bridge – down under her homeless family lived. I wanted to meet them but she declined, kissed me and was about to leave when I told her that she was always welcome at my home on any weekend.

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Jul 15, 2020
by: Anonymous

My experience of a homeless woman couple of years ago that I cannot forget even now!

I heard some noise in the late evening coming from my tool cabin at the backyard of my house. In the little light I found a woman inside. I was about to turn her out when she all on a sudden grabbed my crotch area of my boxer. My limp cock suddenly started to grow hard. I felt strange by her move but preferred to keep quiet. She pulled it down, took out my hardening cock into her mouth. I could feel her kissing and licking my knob, she sucked my knob a little and rubbed my balls, it did feel good, she moved her head up and down on my cock with a lot of suction. Within a few minutes I came in gushes in her mouth and she swallowed it all. But my anger was razing in my mind. She stood up when she finished. OMG! She was about 65 yo or so. I pushed my hand to feel her boobs, it was bra-less – ample in size but hanging down to her belly. This made me angrier and I did not have any option but to knead them hard with my two hands!! This led to my erection and my cock started to throb…

I told her to get on all fours on the floor. I stood behind her, rubbing my head all over her swollen opening and slid my hardening cock into her, I pushed my cock all the way in her at easy. Her pussy was soft and warm but as if I was pushing my cock into a padded hand glove. She cried as I hit the end of her cunt - oh my god, fuck you motherfucker, fuck me hard now!! I was moving in and out of her pussy hard and fast smacking her old ass, and keep on pounding that fat old worn out pussy.

Damn I loved this old fat pussy for a change. My cock felt so good in her, I should not deny!! She was almost crying - oh fuck me hard you asshole fuck me hard, I was almost tearing that pussy up and fucked her harder now, oh my god, Jesus that’s good, yeah! I was yet to shoot my load as I had one through her bj a while ago. You like hard you old fuck cock bitch, don’t you… I hissed to her while pulling her by her neck and shoulder towards me.

You old whore, come on my cock bitch, I muttered. Suddenly, I felt my cock and balls soaked and she was shivering and reached waves of orgasm and released some spurts of pee at the same time. And she continued to moaning – oh! I loved that oh god!! It felt so good, fuck this old pussy, all your old pussy! I was not done yet. Not yet, I want to turn her cunt into pulp. She was still muttering in frenzy - fuck me, fuck me, rip me apart ---- now cum for me. I could feel my cum boiling deep with every thrust deep into her gaping pussy. But I had another plan in my mind. I quickly pulled my wet cock out of her cunt and pushed it into her ass hole. It was already a bit slippery with her pussy juices. It was loose too and gave way to my cock with little effort and I shot my creamy load into it all the way in!!

I allowed her to stay in the tool cabin for the night. I found her gone in the morning ….

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