May – A Homeless Girl: Pt 1

by Czodias (Canada)

In my 30s, still no steady gf, live alone in a mid-size town in western Canada. But often I get too horny making me mad finding no right hole to satisfy myself and do not fancy whores at all. And one cannot live long solely by masturbating!! Often my weekends had become unbearable!! So I look around my neighborhood at night for any lonesome roaming girls, teenager to mature or older ones.

It pays me off – I talk to them about their problem if any, and those with drug, I avoid them. Now in most weekends I surely get one. I take them home, feed them after good shower and let them sleep over in my place for the weekends. Almost all of them would like to fuck for their brief comfort. Feelings overtake money! So some of them visit me through subsequent weekends others drifted apart…

Last weekend I followed this woman, could not guess her age at all from behind as she had a long coat but seemed to be have a good figure. We sat on a bench under the light post and she appeared to be intelligent and left her home of step-dad about six months back and lives with other homeless people nearby.

Now she is looking for any job. Now I could guess she was in her late teens or early 20s, her disheveled hair and pale skin in her face made her look older. When I told her whether she would like to have a good hot bath and some food for the night, her eyes glowed with gratitude. I asked her to follow me.

She looked around for a moment and then followed me close behind. When we got to my house, I handed over a pair of my old pajama and a light cotton shirt and showed her the bathroom to take a shower.

Meanwhile, I made a couple of sandwiches and poured some red wine for both of us. We had brief talks; she introduced her to me as May. She ate in silence – at a glance she seemed to me attractive and her thin lips were inviting. My old shirt for her was too large and I could see her shining firm boobs through the open collar of it. She did not have any bra to put on.

I showed her my small study room adjacent to my bed room. There was a large porn poster of Mia Khalifa, naked! She looked at it and asked me whether I liked her. I said yes, but not all - only her boobs and thighs. She blushed.

I went to my room and slumped onto my bed and trying to sleep thinking of May’s nice boobs. Suddenly I woke up to find May standing on the door. I asked, what, anything wrong? No, she replied, I came to thank you for your kindness, and I could not sleep in such a comfy bed. I also told her that I too could not sleep thinking of her!!

Now she slowly came by my bed and I drew her by my side. We hugged each other close, I planted some soft kisses on her lips and lied entwined - only feeling each other’s warm body. I did not rush for more, nor did she… We both drifted to sleep, when, didn’t know!!

The light of the early morning sun shone through the window. The space was empty – she had left. I got alarmed for some time. I came out of my room for the main door but stopped seeing May in the kitchen wearing my shirt that reached up to her knees, without the pj. I could clearly follow the contour line of her whole body now! Simply sexy and naked underneath!!

I just remembered that I washed her clothes but did not find any bra and put them in the drier. I even washed her panties before putting it for wash. The panties smelled great – mix of pees and something else of her body!! The house looked clean; it seemed she had been cleaning all morning.

Good morning, she said, I made you breakfast. WOWW! What a bliss for me! We ate together – a home-made breakfast after a long time for me. I asked her whether she had slept well last night. Hmmm, like a log!

After breakfast I took my bath. She waited for some time to get her dried clothes and then went to the bath room for shower. She returned wearing her black jeans and another one of my shirts. This time I said nothing and told her that we would be going for shopping.

I took her to shopping mall to buy her some clothes for her. The girl in the lady’s section helped her for trial of the clothes she needed. We had light lunch coming out of the mall at a fast food joint. May continued to thank me profusely on our way back home.

In the evening before dinner May went to her room and came out in about 25 minutes sporting her new pink lacy bra and matching thong! ‘Look, how do I look?’ OMG! What a surprise!! Although she told me that she was 19 but a little childish, her tits were only encased in a 34b.

While having dinner I confronted her as to what had happened to her back home. Her dad had died and mom was living with a man of about 45. One night, about a year back, he tried to rape her. He was too strong to resist but he came hardly before entering her pussy flooding her crotch area with slimy thing.

Since then she had left home and lived with some homeless families. She also mentioned that her new family was very kind and she would join them after this weekend. I did find her too kind and worked for the house on her own. She also took care of me and tried to be closer with me as expressed through her revealing dress and sitting on the sofa close to me while watching TV.

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