by Anonymous (Florida)

I’m a very submissive woman who does what I’m told by my husband. My fantasy is to be dominated by a master. I often dream about it and wake up so horny I have to have my husband’s cock inside me. I’ve talked to him about and he encourages me to do it if it will make me happy. I don’t know if it will make me happy, but the thought gets me very excited.

Ok so now I’m on a mission to find a master and I’m looking at all adult websites to see who I will make an appointment to see. I’ve never been disciplined before so I’m looking forward to it. I find a man not to far from my home and call to make an appointment. I call and a man answers the phone and asks can I help you.

I tell him I like to make an appointment and I was expecting in the coming days. He says I have a two o’clock opening will that work for you. I say yes that would be fine. He says there are one, two or three hour sessions and I book the three hour one. He says can’t wait to meet you and we hang up. It’s noon so I guess I’ll start to get ready.

I go take a shower and I’m so horny I have to play with myself. I cum and now I have to go see what I’ll be wearing. I put on a halter top, shorts and white socks with work boots. My husband goes crazy when I wear this and he immediately gives me his cock. No underwear or bra so I can get naked in a hurry.

I get in my car and drive to the address he gave me, and it’s a large house that is beautifully landscaped. I ring the bell an older white man answers the door and says hi follow me. We go into this room and it has all the equipment to discipline someone. I sitting in a chair when a man, I think is the master comes in and says are you ready to be disciplined.

I answer yes. He’s a short older black man all dressed in black leather. He starts to undress me and when I’m naked he says what a great body you have and grabs one of my nipples and twists it. It hurt but I moaned because I was also very excited to see what was going to happen.

He picks me up and lays me on a table. He ties my hands and opens my legs so I’m spread eagle across the table. He looks at my pussy and shoves two fingers inside me and he says you are so wet woman. I tell him yes Om so horny right now. He laughs and smacks one of my tits hard. He says we have three hours to give you the pleasure you seek.

Yes I want to experience all of it. He says you shall woman you shall. He grabs a cat o nine tails and begging to smack my legs and my tit with it. I thought I was going to cum right there. He grabs these clips and puts them on my nipples. It hurt but in a good way. He was still smacking me with the cat o nine tails and he would use his teeth to pull on the nipple clips he put on me.

OMG master has me crazy. He unties me and lays me on my stomach and ties me up again. Now he’s smacking my ass hard with the tails. I’m actually pushing my ass up in the air so he could smack me hard. I can’t hold out any longer and I cum all over the table. Master sees this and says who told you to cum.

He turns me over again ties me and gets this huge candle. He says you’ve been a bad girl and master has to punish you. He pours the hot wax all over my tits and pussy. It hurt but again it felt so good. He unties me and puts me in a stockade. I’m standing there with my head and arms locked down.

He’s again hitting my ass with the tails and then all of a sudden he stops. I feel toe of his fingers enter me and he slamming my pussy with them. He says shut up don’t talk and I become immediately quiet. He is now smacking me as he’s walking towards the front of the stockade. He gets a chair and places it in front of me and he starts to undress.

He pulls his pants down and he has a huge black cock and it’s also very thick. He grabs my face and says suck masters cock and I answer yes master as I open my mouth for his cock. Now he release me from the stockade and bring me back to the table and ties me up again. My legs are spread and my master is now jerking his massive cock.

He says slave are you ready to receive your master. I answer yes master fuck me with your black cock. He climbs on top of me and he’s rubbing the head of it on my pussy and then I feel the head enter me. OMG yes master fuck me. He slams his huge cock inside me and my head is hanging off the table.

The door opens and it the older white man who opened the door for me. He strips naked and he’s overweight but his cock is big. He walks over to the table and puts his cock in my mouth. I’ve always loved to suck cock so I had no problem with sucking his. I feel master’s cum deep inside me and he gets off me.

The older man takes his place and begins to fuck me. I tell him I want master’s cock and he says your going to love mine also. Maybe he’s right as I cum multiple times and he’s still fucking me. He Cubs deep inside me and my master is back. He grabs my hand and says come with me and he takes me to this huge tub.

He climbs in and his cock is out of the water. He says slave climb on and ride your masters cock. You don’t have to tell me twice as I lower my pussy on his cock and feel him stretching me. He takes on of my big tits and starts to bite my nipples hard.

Ouch I Yelp and he says if you do that again the session is over as he bites my nipple again, this time In silent. I love his huge black cock fucking me. I cum twice and he cums again deep inside me. He says to me slave your three hours are almost up and helps me out the tub. He bends me over the tub and fucks me again.

We both cum and he pulls his cock out of me and puts it in my mouth. After I suck him dry he asks are you married and I say yes. He says you’ll leave my cum inside you so when you get home your husband will know that I fucked you. Yes master as I’m putting on my clothes I can feel his cum running down my legs.

He says I hope you come again and I answer next week master. He laughs and says goodbye and I’m sore so I’m having a hard time walking to my car. I have a few hours before my husband comes home so I’ll take a shower and a bath to wash my masters cum out of me. I can’t wait until next week.

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