Mary and Sean

by Lily (Victoria, BC)

When i got home i could hear the shower running. Sean must be in there i thought. i walked up the carpeted stairs as i arrived on the second floor i heard the shower turn off.

I walked into my room. "god yes" i said as i freed my tits from my tight shirt. i was so horny. i took out my book and started reading. a half hour later i realized Sean should be out of the bathroom by now.

I walked back down the stairs and to the bathroom. the door was open a crack. steam was wafting around the room. i peeked inside. Sean was standing in the middle of the room. stroking his dick? that cant have been right.

I watched as his soft fingers ran the length of his cock. i could feel those fingers pleasuring my in ways no one could know. Suddenly i heard a moan. i looked back my fingers sliding deep inside my soaked pussy.

"Fuck yes Mary!" he yelled as a stream of hot white cum shot out of his dick. wait that was my name! but i'm his mom! i thought. why would he be- then i heard him walk towards the door.

Shit! i thought. i ran up to my room heart thumping. i was changing again into my satin bra and thong as the door to my room creaked open. i turned. it was Sean. "mom?" he said.

Then something took over me. i unclasped my bra. i needed my hunger fed. the horny beast inside took over. i walked forward and clasped my hand around his slowly hardening dick.

I pulled it out of his pants. "holy fuck! " i said it was huge! i ran my tongue up and down the shaft. as i sucked i fondled his balls and gently fingered his asshole. he suddenly pushed me on to the bed.

He eased my thong off my legs and started stroking my pussy. "god Sean" i moaned. as he stuck to fingers deep inside he liked my clit. i was so close the he pulled away. "the fuck Sean?!" i said.

He pushed me back and pinned me down. the tip of his dick slid inside my pussy. i moaned again. then without warning he rammed it in. thrusting deep inside me. his dick was throbbing deep inside me.

"God your so tight!" he yelled. i could feel him getting close and so was i. i screamed as i climaxed . my cum running down his dick. then he roared. "TAKE IT ALL MOM!!!" he yelled. hot cum pumped inside me.

I moaned as my womb filled to the brim. he pulled out. "your still cumming?" i asked he shot the rest on my tits. the he was back inside. his balls slapped my ass as i climaxed again and again. he shot two more loads into my pussy and then pulled out. he was eyeing my ass. then rammed it in.

I fingered my pussy as he destroyed my ass. i came again and again. then we were done. both my holes destroyed i could feel hot cum dripping off me onto my bed.

"We have to do that again" i said. Sean agreed.

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