Marty and Jan, Bi-Friends

by Nancy (WA)

Marty and Jan were both in their forties and divorced, and had been neighbors and friends for over a year. When Jan came over that afternoon they kissed and wasted no time in getting out of their clothes right there in the living room.

“If anybody knew that we were doing this together …” Jan said.

“Nobody’s going to know,” Jan assured confidently. “Besides, we’re both over twenty-one and divorced. There’s no law that says two friends can’t enjoy a little bisexual fun together.”

Jan smiled, liking her friend’s simple and straightforward attitude. Neither would have probably ever even dreamed of being like this with another woman, but with each other it was so much fun.

Happily naked their hands began to feel and fondle the bare, pliant fullness of each other’s breasts.

“Ooo … I love playing with your titties,” Marty said.

“Mmm … I love playing with yours,” Jan said right back, knowing that she did. It was so uninhibited.

They kissed again, this time letting their tongues slide wetly back and forth, exchanging places in each other’s mouth. They began to passionately wrestle together on the sofa, doing so with increasing arousal. By the time their hands slipped down into the hairy folds between each other’s legs they were both thoroughly wet.

“Ohhhh … Ohhh …” Jan moaned as Marty began to rub her clit and finger her vagina. “You’re going to make me come! You always do!”

“I love it when we fuck,” Marty said boldly.

“Oh, I love it when we fuck together,” Jan said and they kissed some more.

It was exciting talking dirty to one another, to do so as women and in ways which neither would have dared with their husband when they had been married.

“You’re such a whore. I like having my fingers in your wet pussy,” said Mary as she dug her fingers deep in her friend.

“Oh! Finger my ass!” Jan said.

Marty obliged and pushed her slippery wet fingers into her friend’s butt hole. It was not until they had known each other that they had discovered the excitement of anal stimulation. As Marty finger-fucked her butt hole, Jan began masturbating her swollen clit.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Jan panted, her hand moving faster and faster on her pleasure organ. And then, “AHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

“You fucking bitch! Coming with my fingers in your ass!” Marty teased.

“AHHHHHHH!!!!” Jan gasped s she continued to climax, never having her naked body excited like this before.

As she as finished, Marty withdrew her fingers and stood, presenting Jan with her hairy cleavage. Breathlessly Jan began to lick Marty’s bulging clit, tasting her female flavor and very quickly Marty was enduring an explosive orgasm that wracked her naked body from head to toe.

“Oh, you bitch!” Marty cried out. “You fucking bitch!”

“Take that in your fuck hole, you fucking whore!” Jan said as she plunged her hand into Marty’s wet vagina, stretching her and filling her in a way that only another woman could appreciate.

“OH!” Marty gasped helplessly as her vagina was fucked like it had never been fucked before. “OHHHHHH!!!!!!”

In a moment more their sexual fever was quenched and both were breathing hard as they collapsed onto the sofa together.

“Ohhhh …” Jan sighed. “I love it when we fuck.”

“Me, too,” said Marty. “Fucking is always the best with you.”

They smiled at one another, and kissed warmly and lovingly. It was just another fun afternoon between friends.

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