Married to my Son

by Anonymous (India)

I am Sujata, a woman aged 41 years. I am from India. I migrated to the US two years ago with my new husband Ramesh who was 16years younger than me. We had a beautiful daughter who is 19 years from our union. The reason for writing my story is to tell you my little secret. My new husband Ramesh is in fact my own son. He married me, his own mother before bringing me to the US as his lawfully wedded wife. How it happened please read on.

I was married to Ramesh's Dad when I was 18 yrs old. My husband insisted on having only one child even though I wanted more. So he had his vasectomy done after Ramesh was born.

Ramesh grew up like a good lad and became an engineer. Seven years ago he came to US and settled there. Two years ago I lost my husband. Ramesh came to India to visit us. We were staying at our home in Jaipur. Ramesh was told to sleep in the spare room but Ramesh insisted that I sleep with him in the same room. As I was his mother everybody agreed and they arranged a double bed for us. Ramesh went to bed as I and my sister-in-law cleaned the dishes.

After sometime my sis-in-law went to bed. After an hour I finished my work and went into the bedroom. I saw Ramesh was still awake. I asked him and he said he could not sleep. As I came into the room Ramesh got up and locked the room. I thought he would go to bed but instead he came towards me and hugged me. I felt very sorry for him as we both hugged each other. Then he pressed me against himself so hard I had to gasp for my breath. Then he whispered into my ear "since I am the man of the house I am the man for you."

He then took hold of the loose end of my sari and pulled it off my breasts. I was startled by his work and gesture and started screaming. Ramesh then closed my mouth with one hand and held me close to him with the other" shut up! we don't want to wake up uncle and aunty. I signalled and he slowly removed his hand from my mouth.

I asked him "what do you want from me? Why are you doing this to me?"

Ramesh said "I want you mom. I want to be your lover! I want to be your man"!

But you are my son"! How do you expect me to....."

Yes you can mother"! He said "see I am the man of the house now and I can fuck you now"! I can see you as a woman and so can you.

Ramesh kissed me forcefully. "You are a widow now. You have all your life ahead mother! "Be my lover mom and I will take care of you".

I knew Ramesh was not going to listen as he is already using me as his woman as he preadded his chest against my breasts and kissed me thrusting his groin against my groin. Then he entered his tongue inside my mouth a d tasted my saliva.

What do you want me to do? I asked him accepting my defeat.. He said" Today is our first night mother. I want to fuck you like my bride."

"How can you fuck your own mom?"

"Like this mother! He grabbed my lips with his and gave me a long kiss. I tried getting out at first but gave up and thought let me have it. Let him have his mother's body.
After the kiss he then disrobed me and started unhiking my blouse as he kissed my shoulders. He unhooked my bra and caught my breast with both his hands. He sucked the nipples one by one. He caressed and mashed both globes of flesh. After I was aroused, my son removed my petticoat and panty and made me naked.

I was totally ncked before my own son. Ramesh wasted no time to kiss my pussy. He separated my pussy lips and tickled my engorged clitoris. He then entered his tongue inside his mother's vagina. He entered his whole tongue inside my cunt and drank my oozing love juices. Then Ramesh took my thick engorged clit in his mouth and sucked it like a lollypop.

I was sweating profusely My husband had never done this sort of sexual acts with me which was being done by son.

I couldn't do anything else but to enjoy as my son Ramesh performed oral sex with his mother's vagina as I slowly parted my legs to give him access to more of his birthplace.

I don't know how long my son ate my pussy but I should say .drinking it. After sometime my son took me to the bed(nuptial bed for us)I played with his thick hard cock preparing it for entry into my cunt. I rubbed the dry knob on my vaginal orifice and lubricated it with my love juice so as to facilitate my son's cock a smooth and painless entry into his mom's love-tunnel.

I was in ecstasy and thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.

"I am consummating my love and marriage with you mom and making you my woman, my WIFE!"

Ramesh placed his well lubricated cock at my vaginal opening and gave a hard push. His cock started to enter his mom's well lubricated cunt smoothly. I met his strokes by pushing my pelvis upwards. In three strokes my own son's cock was impaled inside his mom's cunt to the hilt.

"Now Iam fucking you mom. Now I have made you my wife and I am your husband!

I smiled at him as he started thrusting his cock inside his bride's cunt. Yes our relation had changed the moment his cock had entered my cunt. My cunt muscles expanded and contracted on my new husband's thick cock. The same cunt muscles that pushed out his body were now working to accommodate his cock.

We both son and mom were thoroughly enjoying sexual intercourse like a couple. After 15 minutes of fucking my husband grunted as he climaxed and I felt a load of Ramesh's semen hitting against my vaginal wall and my cunt clasped my son's (now husband) cock!

Fully satisfied we both drifted to sleep naked in each other's embrace!

(To be continued)

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