Married to my Son: Part 2

by Anonymous (India)

I was awakened by a loud knocking sound on the door. At that time, I was sleeping naked in Ramesh's embrace who was totally naked also. His cock was pressing on my anal orifice. I got up and gathered my bra, panties sari and ran inside the bathroom. Here I had a look at my genital. My pubic hairs were matted with some dried white matter. Then I remembered it was the combined love juices from my cunt and my son's semen. I did not want to wash them so I wore a sanitary napkin inside my panties so our combined juices would not leak out from my vagina. Ramesh also woke up and he kissed me on my lips embracing me so as to crush my big 44DD sized breasts.

Dress up quickly, it is 10 am and come downstairs for tea.

Ramesh and me rushed downstairs. My sister-in-law was drinking tea with her husband "Did you both sleep nicely she asked smilingly."

Yes, aunty we replied.

The whole day passed off nicely.

The next night we came to our room to sleep. Ramesh has brought two garlands which we both exchanged and put in each other's neck. This is to show that we both have accepted each as life partners.

We again had no contraceptive sex four times that night.

My sis-in-law went away with her husband the next morning.

Ramesh and I had sexual intercourse every night without any contraception. He used to fill up my vagina with copious amount of his semen.

Finally, I came to know that my menstruation had stopped. I sent Ramesh to get a pregnancy test kit. The pregnancy test was positive"

It took me three hours to grasp the truth. I am pregnant with my own son's baby.

We cannot go to our doctor. A widow who got pregnant and the father is her own son.

Ramesh suggested we should move elsewwere. We went to Chennai. One day Ramesh took me to a restaurant and proposed to me. I was shocked and did not accept it. We came home and talked about it. I told him, I will become old and he needs a real young wife. Ramesh said she was carrying his child so she should be his wife. I said I might be carrying your child but I am still your mother. But finally, I had to accept his proposal to become his wife.

We married with some witnesses in the court and got our marriage2 registered.

We exchanged garlands in front of the witnesses. I almost cried as my son tied a Mangal sutra around his mother's neck as a token of sign that he was accepting me as his wife.

Here my son is openly marrying his own mother. When the Mangal sutra was tied in my neck in a moment I was officially declared Mrs. Ramesh. A son had officially become a husband to his own mother and a mother had become wife to her own son.

I got married again at age of 42 years to my own son aged 237 years. I was bride to his father and I am bride to my son.

As we got into the car Ramesh held my hand and said "I am for the first time holding your hand as your husband."

"Yes my beloved husband!"

As we were driving home, my thought was taking me into my changed world. I used to be Ramesh's mother until now but now I am also his lawfully wife. I used to carry Ramesh in my womb and now I am carrying his baby in my womb.

Now my son has two relationships with me. One as a son whom I gave birth to and raised him to be a man and another as a husband whom I had married and was going to give birth to his child and raise our child.

We had dinner outside and we had our first night. We fucked and were lying naked in each other's arms as legally married couple. My cunt is dribbling with Ramesh's fresh semen combined with my cunt juices.

Aweek after our marriage I completely forgot I am married to Ramesh. It was like a second marriage. We collected our marriage certificate. We started living a normal married life.

Six weeks after our marriage Ramesh managed to get my passport in the name of Mrs. Sujata, w/o Mr. Ramesh. At that time, I was twelve weeks pregnancy so my baby bump was not visible. We went to our home and bid farewell to all. I came to US as Ramesh's wife. Nineteen months ago, I gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter. She totally resembles me. We now live a happy family life.

I am again pregnant carrying my second child with my husband Ramesh.

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