by Robert (UK)

It was during my holiday in Amsterdam for a week. This night, at about 11 I was in the sauna, the hot vapor already filled the small room allowing hazy vision inside. There was a middle aged couple kissing and fondling each other almost naked. I was getting horny watching the show and got out of my boxer sporting my hardness.

However, they left when as soon as a young girl entered the room. She was the first enter into conversation with me. Maria was from Spain and told me that she was 20 yo (but she looked much younger to me). She dropped her top to reveal a pair of very perky 34B tits.

Our conversation turned to sex … I told her that I was going to masturbate watching her, to which she nodded. I asked her a few questions to get myself even more worked up, like she looked in her early teens, whether she ever had sex before and masturbated. She took off her thong while responding to my queries about her last period …! She was quite open and asked me about my sexual kinks or fetishes. I responded that I like young girls with firm modest boobs (indicating her frame of body).

I kept working myself with the hardness. She told me that her parents are sleeping in their room and she sneaked out to get a sauna and that she never had sex with anyone and that she had played with herself using her mom’s dildos when alone and had her second period last week. Then I could guess her real age…. Quite easy!! She moved closer to me as I rest my arm around her neck and softly kissed her lips.

I was too horny and ready. And she was willing … I made last check out the steam room door to make sure no one was coming at this late hour. I kissed her lips and moved down to her moist warm body from neck to navel down. I made her kneel on the bench as I stood in front of her.

She examined my hardness - she was a little nervous as she slowly grabbed my throbbing cock. I moved behind her and gently used a couple of fingers to feel her warm but moist swollen and shaved crotch between her legs.

She was writhing in pleasure and breathing heavy. I quickly aimed my cock towards her butt and slide it almost inside her crotch, so that the tip of my cock was right into her puffy pussy lips. I made sure that my cock nudged well between her warm hole and slowly pushed inside her cunt. OMG! That was the tightest pussy I ever had in my life.

She continued thrusting back and moaning all the time… She gasped for a moment but took my entire length into her pussy (she was no virgin, as I gathered from her thrusting back movements) and I was keen so as to make sure my cum was dumped entirely deep into her. We were now moving in synch – she was enjoying fucking, a new found joy for her! She soon reached a body shaking orgasm as I felt her cunt muscles pulsating against my cock inside her.

Once finished cumming my cock slipped out of her tight pussy. She turned around and we were locked into deep kisses and then had shower together. In the shower cubicle using my cum as lubricant in her cunt I fucked her in dogie again but only lasted, may be 5 minutes, until I dumped my load for the second time inside her firm teen pussy.

I told her that she was too beautiful, about that age of my daughter, and that she gave me a most memorable time on my holiday! She told me that she was still too young and never had good fuck till this night!!

We never met after this incident!

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