Male Waxing

by Ken (Australia)

I went to this place to get in Bali once for a full male Brazilian, I was taken in by this young lady and said here you go please undress and get ready at no point did she turn away while I was getting undressed which didn’t worry me I had many Brazilian waxes done before, the next thing was she started to completely clean my Dick and then my behind.

She dried me and the rubber some powder in like always then start to put some wax on, at this point a second lady entered and grabbed a hold of my Dick which started to get hard and she just slightly rubbed it and said now that’s better we can do our job easier now.

I’m just on 8 inches fully erect and she just smiled as she held it for the First Lady to put the wax on. Here I was with 2 beautiful young ladies both touching me and both smiling the whole time. 20 minutes on and my front was finished and at this point the second lady left the room, she finished my behind and asked me to lay on my back again.

She started to rub some sort of cream on all areas that had been waxed and proceeded to rub my serious hard Dick. She smiled and I slid my hand onto the front of her shorts to where I could feel her pussy. Wow she didn’t move at all so I slid down the zip on her pants with no objection so I proceeded to put my hand into her little knickers once again no objection.

I then pushed both her pants and knickers down a little so I could get my finger into her pussy, wow she was so tight and wet, she was looking at me and rubbing my Dick like no one else has ever done. Her friend said something to her in Indonesian which I didn’t understand but she put her hand to her mouth to say please keep quiet.

I’m in heaven fingering this beautiful lady and she is absolutely going for it on my dick, I was wondering if I could get her to me into her as she was so tight and her friend only about 3 meters away.

I got off the bed and lifted her up where my now well greased dick was right at the entrance to her beautiful tight pussy. Wow I was about to split this little beauty queen and with that I slowly entered her little by little, not all of me would fit I was much to big for her but she was cumming like no one else I’d been in.

Just as I was about to blow the other lady stepped back in and yelled what are you doing I looked her in the eye and pulled all the way out accept for my head so she could see how much her friend was taken then pushed back into her.

She just started to rub herself and I motioned her to strip and get beside her friend which she did and then I pulled out of the first girl and moved up to put it into her she wasn’t as tight as her friend but I could get nearly all the way in.

The first one just layer there and said I want some more so after about 3_4 minutes of banging the second lady I pulled out and reentered the first one for what would have only been a few minutes before coating the inside of her beautiful little pussy. I stayed in her for a couple more minutes before pulling out.

Both of them just looked at me and smiled, I got cleaned up and went and paid for my waxing and booked a massage for the following day. The second lady said do you want both of us to massage you or do you want some other girls?

Wow I thought and said if the other girls were as good as you pair I don’t care who’s doing the massage.

I couldn’t wait for the following day, I had the first girl and a new second girl when I arrived, I knew I was going to fill the first girl again with my cum as I wanted her to feel fully fucked again.

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