Male Moments in Summer

by Derrick (NC)

Scott was eighteen, good looking, athletic with a trim, strong muscular physique. He liked the girls and the girls liked him. But like so many boys, he also enjoyed having some on the side with the guys.

It was summer and everyone was of course up at the lake. Scott stood behind the old boat house that was up in the trees. It was known as the spot where guys went to change into their swim trunks. It was also where guys went to meet with other guys.

He saw a boy that he knew named Randy walking up to the old boat house. He knew that Randy was already for some guy action. Randy came up with a grin on his face and Scott tugged down the short-style swim trunks that he had on, which were white with a blue stripe down the side, revealing the large hard boner that he had.

Without a word Randy got down and eagerly took Scott’s boner into his mouth to suck.

“Ah, yeah …” Scott said as he felt Randy’s warm wet mouth engulfing his hard organ.

Randy’s mouth made wet slurping sounds as he went up and down Scott’s masculine length.

Scott put his hands on Randy’s shoulders and gently pushed him back. “I’m going to do your butt,” he said.

“Oh, God!” Randy said back.

He got up and quickly discarded his own swim trunks, leaving himself conveniently naked. He turned around and put his hands on the weathered wood wall of the old boat house and spread his feet well apart. As Randy did this, Scott retrieved the small bottle of lubricant that he brought with him and slicked his hard dick with that. Then grasping his organ he brought it up into position and pushed the hugely swollen mushrooming head of his dick into Randy’s butt hole. He went all the way in.

“Ah!” Randy gasped as he was violated and felt Scott’s large hard dick spear into him.

“Oh, yeah …” Scott said as he began to forcefully fuck the sandy haired boy. The sound of laughter and merriment drifted up from where everyone was down at the lake. It was just so good and so male fucking another guy like this. He really had a passion for sex with other guys, and loved the big stiff boners that always gave him.

Randy gasped and held the wood wall with his hands as he stood there, helpless to do anything but to let Scott fuck him. Again and again Scott’s large hard male organ plunged into his anal depths with a masculine purpose that made Randy weak in the knees. He was decidedly gay and was only too happy to accommodate other guys. And at the lake he had no lack of opportunities, which ranged from the other boys to the older men who occasionally enjoyed the pleasure of boning a boy.

Scott shoved his hard dick into Randy over and over and Randy did not mind his being less than gentle with him. In fact, he rather liked it rough and forceful and to feel like he was being raped and used. That made his own boner all that much more excited.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Randy said as he was fucked and his butt hole was being used by Scott like the male vagina that it was.

Suddenly Scott was coming in him and ejaculating his load with a series of grunts.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Yeah! Yeah! Uhhhh …” Scott vocalized as he filled Randy’s shit tube with his creamy semen, with his boner inserted as far as it could possibly go.
He suddenly saw Tommy come up. He as a good looking guy his own age. Tommy was grinning as he caught Scott cumming in Randy.

”Looks like a good one!” Tommy laughed.

“Oh, yeah …” Scott groaned as he finished ejaculating.

Tommy stood there watching, his hand rubbing he pronounced bulge in the front of his swim trunks.

“Ahhhh …. Ahhhh … “Scott sighed and pulled his dick from Randy’s butt.

Tommy was taking his trunks down to reveal the large stiff boner that he had. Before Randy could even turn around, Tommy was switching places with Scott and shoving his large cock into the thin male.

“Oh, God!” Randy declared, basically finding himself being raped and loving it. “Oh, God! Oh, God!” he panted as he was fucked for a second time in quick sucession.

Scott laughed, loving it.

He gave Tommy a quick friendly kiss and the lips and Tommy kissed him back as he moved his hips back and forth to drive his maleness into Randy.

“Oh … Oh … Oh … Oh …” Randy panted and twisted as he was again violated so manfully.

It was going to be a good summer. A very good summer.

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