Male Loving

by Greg (WI)

Oh, geez, I thought as I felt Jason’s bone in my butt. I loved his being male with me like this. It just felt so good to experience this together as guys.

“Oh, man … it feels so good doing this with you, Jon,” Jason told me as he continued to slide his lubricated erection back and forth through my sensitive butt hole.

“Jason …” I breathed, “this feels so great.”

It the beginning of summer and Jason and I had decided to enjoy letting our friendship have a bi side to it. Lots of boys did.

At first we had both been cautious and a little unsure. But very quickly we had discovered how rewarding it could be for two guys to be sexual together. It just felt so good and enjoyable for each of us to be naked and having a really stiff erection with one another. To just let our male organs, show how we felt without embarrassment.

It was just so pleasurable getting our clothes off and to be kissing and holding each other, and to be sharing a moment of male-love.

Again and again I felt Jason’s hard penis going deep into my accommodating anal sheath, sliding easily through my tight butt hole, making my own erection so rigid. Sure, I liked doing it with girls. But it was just so special to be able to do this with another guy, especially to let another guy do it to you as a guy. It felt so satisfying and excitingly male.

“Oh, Jon … I never thought that I’d be fucking another guy like this,” Jason said.

“I never thought that I would be fucked by another guy like this,” I told him. “I really like having your dick in me.”

“Oh, man …” Jason breathed with his physical exertions, as he kept his maleness moving smoothly and easily in and out of me with its masculine sexual purpose.

My penis was achingly rigid, the tip complete swollen to its limits. I could feel its length trembling as Josh lovingly plunged his boner into me. And then suddenly I gasped as I was surprised to feel my erection exploding with an ejaculation.

“Ah!” I cried out as my semen shot out in one long stream after another over the bed. “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Oh, geez, I was cummings with Jason’s hard dick in my butt and that felt so terrific!

I felt my butt hole clamp down on his hard male length.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I gasped again as I felt my liquid spewing out uncontrollably.

Then in the next moment Jason was ejaculating in me.

He thrust his erection all the way in and came.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” He grunted as his penis delivered his reproductive liquid into me.

It was so overwhelming to think that he was giving me his sperm.

His organ throbbed repeatedly inside of me, deep in my guy’s anal vagina. I loved feeling him climaxing inside of me. To know that he was being all-male with me.

Then we both sighed as it came to a conclusion and we had once more been successful in our mating. For that was what we were doing with each other, even without fertilization taking place, we were mating as guys and being as close as any two guys could be. And it felt so good to be mating, to use the reproductive act to achieve this kind of intimacy as friends.

Sure, some saw this as being some sort of a aberration, two guys to be having sex. But in fact nature made it perfectly possible, and physical and sexual pleasure and closeness did not have to be restricted to just male and female.

In this Jason and I saw no reason not to be sexual together. It was so wonderful.

Oh, yes, this was so good with a friend.

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