Male Love Between Friends

by Anonymous

“Uh … yeah …” Randy grunted as he felt Marshal’s hard lubricated dick penetrating his butt hole. Geez, it felt so good to be fucked by a guy.

The two of them were doing it right there in the kitchen of Randy’s place.

It felt so satisfying for the two of them to share that sort of male-rapport and to nakedly express their feelings of friendship.

Marshal felt all eight inches of Marshal’s stiff penis slide all the way in, clear up to his balls.

“Geez, it feels so good having my dick in you,” Marshal said, savoring the male intimacy.

It was silly to think that this was something that two guys had to be gay to enjoy. In reality most guys enjoyed being homosexually indulgent without attaching and gay significance to doing that.

It had always been that way, just that now days guys could be far more open about it. Women, too. For them it was great to enjoy a little male-love.

Marshal stood there and began to thrust his hard boner into his friend, fucking him with a male purpose that Randy loved and could appreciate.

“Oh … yeah … yeah … yeah …” Randy panted as he willingly and gladly accommodated Marshal’s sexual urge in his butt, standing there with his bare feet spread apart on the smooth floor, leaning forward with his hands on the small wooden bench, again and again feeling his sensitive butt hole stretching around the thickness of his friend’s boner as it plunged deep into him.

Marshal stood behind him, watching his dick going smoothly in and out of Randy, doing so with a loving intent that he was only too glad to share with his friend. It was such a pleasure to be privileged enough to fuck Randy like this as another guy.

The enormously swollen head of his dick moved back and forth within the soft depths of Randy’s anal sheath plunger-like.

“Oh … Oh …. Oh … Oh … “Randy moaned as he was fucked. It just felt so good to enjoy the freedom of doing that with another guy, without embarrassment or the need to conceal his desire to enjoy such a male physical interaction. Just the thought that Marshal’s reproductive organ was actually in him made his own boner strain with excitement. “Oh, yeah! Oh, God, your dick feels good!”

Marshal smiled. “It’s great to be making love to you, Randy,” he said, liking being able to describe his erect penis being in randy’s anal sheath as just that.

“Oh, yes!” Randy agreed.

Again and again Marshal’s masculine organ penetrated his friend in smooth repetition.

Randy began to feel the urgency growing with his now unbelievably rigid penis.

“Oh … Oh …” he breathed, closing his eyes, feeling practically overwhelmed by marshal’s sexual stimulation. Then sudden he was helplessly ejaculating. The semen squirted wildly and uncontrollably from his rigid boner, sending long streams flying clear over the bench and through the air to land forefeet away on the floor. “AHHHHHH! AHHHHHH!

AHHHHHHHHH!” he gasped, his hands gripping the wooden beach with the intensity of his spontaneous climax.

It as s fantastic having Marshal fuck the semen out of him like that. Making his dick just cum.

Marshal was thrilled by Randy doing that. He pushed his boner all the way into Randy’s butt and ejaculated deep in his anal sheath.

“Uh! UHHHH … UHHHHHHH …” he groaned as his penis throbbed out his semen in thick pulses, delivering his sperm into his friend. It was so incredibly gratifying to be biologically fulfilling like this with his friend.

“Uhhhhh … yeah …” Randy breathed as he received Marshal’s liquid reward and felt the intense satisfaction of his butt being flooded by his semen and sperm. Oh, God! To have another guy fuck you all the way like that was just so wonderful!

When they both finished, they could only stand there breathing hard. It was so special and meaningful for two guys to be able to satisfy their reproductive urge together.

Marshal pulled his no longer fully erect penis from Randy’s butt. Randy tuned and they kissed.

“Oh …” Randy said breathlessly. “Can two guys be in love without being gay?”

“You bet,” said Marshal. And just to prove that to you, “I’m going to bone you again.”

“Oh, yes,” Randy said. He just wanted to be fucked by Marshal again and again.

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