Making Mom My Woman

by David (London, England)

I am David, 24yrs old 6'2" height. My mom Rita is 42yrs. Since she was a widow she was deprived of sex for five years. She has big boobs of 40DD size. One day she was washing clothes and I helping to dry them.

Mom's blouse was wet and clung to her beautiful boobs. Her nipples were erect. Mom slipped her foot and fell on me wrapping her arms around me. Her tits crushed against my chest. She ran to her room. I went to her room and said “Mom let me take you as mine and I promise to keep you happy.”

Her tears stopped as she leaned on my chest. My hand patted her back and my hand felt the softness of her ass-cheeks as she clung to me for support. A woman always needs a man for support and I will be your man.

Rita smiled and kissed me on my lips. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and she sucked it. My hands roamed on her body and I mashed her breasts. We kissed again like lovers. It was mom who broke the loving kiss.

“Oh my God, it is not right, it is a sin, my son I am your mum, it is evil incest, it is forbidden.”

I hugged her again kissing her full on the lips. We were locked in an incestuous kiss and my hands fondled her breasts. Her nipples hardened under my fingers as I cupped her breasts.

“Love is never a sin. Mom you need love, to be loved and I am going to give you love. I am going to make love to you with my body on your body.”

We both got ready and went out for dinner. While waiting for the dinner I extended my hand under the table and touched my mom's thigh. They were soft and my hand searched for her cunt.

"What are doing son?"

"I am inspecting the playground for my cock tonight mom, my cock is hard for you."

My fingers were feeling mom's pussy lips-there were no hairs in her pubic region.

"Then who is stopping you my lover? Your Rita is all wet for your cock."

We booked a honeymoon suite. The booking clerk smiled at us---You have a beautiful wife and I hope she will keep you busy right through the night. Have a nice honeymoon Sir.

We went inside suite to consummate our marriage. I opened mom's blouse slowly, her boobs felt soft in my hands.

She said "David, this is how your Dad touched my boobs to get me ready for intercourse. I want you to make love to me gently and perhaps give me a baby. David my son, make me naked, be my man."

I removed all clothes of mom. She was now only in her bra and panties. I then removed all my clothes and became naked. My mom looked at me, she looked at my erect was black and topless (circumcised) she encircled my cock with her fingers and touched the tip which was hard and dry.

My mom smiled because it would soon be fully inside her. I removed mom's bra and panties. Now we mom and son were fully naked to consummate our incestuous marriage. My mom placed the tip of her clitoris on my penis head and pressed hard.

She was mating with a man after 4 years gap and she wanted to enjoy every moment of it. I pressed mom's boobs and sucked the nipples.

My mom said "I am ready to consummate our marriage son, now your mom is ready to get fucked by you, enter your cock inside the same hole which you came out from."

My mom caught hold of my cock and soaked the cockhead in her cunt love juices. She then placed the tip of my cock on the opening of her cunt hole. I pushed and my cock went easily in mom's vagina, my cock bulb was throbbing while mom's cunt quivered and squeezed my cock trying to milk out my semen from my balls.

I was fucking my own mom...INCEST. We both climaxed simultaneously as we exchanged our love juices. We went home and lived as husband and wife, fucking each day until mom got pregnant by me. She is six months pregnant and our baby is due in 3 months.

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