Making Mom Happy

by Peg (TN)

Matt was surprised when he went into his mom’s house, to find her sitting nude on the sofa.

“I’m just reading,” she said blithely. “And I didn’t feel like wearing clothes.”

“Oh,” Matt said in response to his mom’s matter of fact attitude.

She smiled. “I’m not making love or anything like that.”

“Oh,” Matt said again.

His mom then teased, “Unless you’re volunteering. Then I might consider it.”

Matt blushed just a little. “You mean, like …”

“Have sex, yes,” she clarified, looking amused by his embarrassment.

“Oh,” Matt said one more time, not knowing what else he could say to that.

His mom sighed. “Well, on that lack of that enthusiastic note, I think that I’ll have a cigarette.”

She reached for the pack of cigarettes that was there on the table, took one out, and lit it.

“It’s not lack of enthusiasm,” Matt defended. “It’s just that … well, I don’t know if you’re being serious or not.”

“I’m not opposed to making love in the afternoon. I might be rather nice,” his mom said. “But since I didn’t see you rushing to take off your clothes to join me …”

Matt blushed some more. “I … I could take off my clothes.”

“That’s fine with me, if you feel like it.”

Matt hesitated and then started to get undressed. He felt self-conscious and shy when he finally had everything off and was just as naked as his mom was. Especially as he felt himself starting to get an erection. His penis pushed up quickly and was almost embarrassingly stiff.

“That looks promising,” his mom remarked, observing his healthy development. She smiled at him approvingly and put out her cigarette.

Matt grinned and joined his mom, sitting on the edge of the sofa.

“Mmm,” she murmured and slipped her arms around behind his neck and gave him a small kiss on the lips. Matt kissed her back in the same fashion, and they did several more small affectionate kisses.

Matt brought his hands up to her sides and then felt her small breasts and received no objection. She merely sat there letting him do that. Encouraged, matt then proceeded to kiss and suck on the jutting points of her nipples and heard her moan just a little.

“Mmm… this is nice,” she purred, delighting in the wet attention to her nipples.

She laid back on the sofa and Matt brought himself up and settled between her parted legs.

Taking a hold of his erection, he slowly pushed into her hairy vaginal opening. She was wet and his penis slid in easily.

“Oh, that is nice!” she said as she felt him enter her.

Matt started to slide his erection gently in and out.

“Oooo … it’s nice being fucked,” she told him and grinned at him.

She moved her hips with his as his penis repeated went deep into her.

After a moment she closed her eyes and put her head back against the cushion.

“Ohhh … Ohhhh …Ohhhh… Ohhhh …” she panted with his penetrating rhythm.

Matt was amazed to find himself doing this with his mom, and by the fact that she wanted to do this with him.

‘Oh, honey …” she said, and let out a long low moan of pleasure.

His mom’s vagina was very wet and his stiff penis was gliding smoothly and effortlessly in and out of it making small wet suctioning sounds as it did.

“Oh, honey … honey …’ she breathed. “Oh, yes …”

In the next moment she choked and gasped and was having an orgasm.

“Oooo …. Oooooo ….Ooooo …” she whimpered and tensed. And then she gasped. “Oh, shit! Oh, shit!”

Matt was surprised by his mom’s exclamation.

“Ohhhhh …. Fuck me … keep fucking me …”

Matt continued to give his mom his hard erection, plunging it into her faster and faster.


Then she was through climaxing and she went limp on the sofa.

Helplessly Matt felt his rigid penis ejaculating in her, his semen shooting out in repeated intense pulses.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …” he groaned.

It was incredible to think that he was actually doing that in his mom. It was so exciting.

For a long moment they did not move, their energy spent.

Finally they opened their eyes and looked at each other, both looking perhaps just a little surprised over what they had just done.

“That felt so wonderful,’ she told him.

“Yeah …” Matt agreed, slipping his now no longer stiff penis from her.

“Well, now that we’ve done it,” she said, “maybe in the future we can keep doing it?” She gave him a demure smile.

“It’s fine with me,” Matt said and he smiled back at his mom.

The last thing he had expected that afternoon when he had stopped by her house, was to be making love to his mom. Of course mothers and sons did do this together.

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