Making Babies With Daddy

by Daddy's princess (Las Vegas, NV)

I lost my cherry to a guy next door, Billy Hardman was just an immature little fuck wad who didn't know how to really love a woman, and he always wore a condom so I never got to feel a man cum in my pussy, he was afraid of getting me, or another pregnant this is why the little fuck wore those rubber fuck toys not real men wear, real men wants to father children, and to breed them.

I started having my periods when I was 10, now at 18 years old and 3 months I wanted to start having babies and I asked Billy to fuck me without a condom he refused so I told him I was through with his tiny ass baby dick, and walked out of his house.

When I arrived home I saw daddy watching baseball in his den, I asked him where mom was and he said she was called into work, mom was an ER nurse and they needed her. I went and sat on do daddy's lap and said "Daddy I know what I want for my birthday and would love it if you would give it to me"

Daddy said "little girl your birthday isn't until March 4th, isn't it a little early to talk about what you want daddy to get you yet"

"No daddy you see I want something so special that it will take 9 months to get here, and you have to make a deposit into an account for it to get here on time"

Daddy was confused but said "ok what do you want baby?"

I said "yes daddy that is what I want"

Now daddy was even more confuse and said "but you didn't tell me what it is yet"

"Silly daddy, no I didn't say what I wanted you did"

Then daddy realized what it it was, he said 'baby,' I told him it would take nine months to arrived after he made a deposit.

"Jesus fucking Christ Pamela you want a baby, your only 18 fucking years old"

"So what daddy, I will be 19 when it gets here, and besides I have been fucking since I was young and I had my first period and nobody is going to be fucking me daddy, you are, please daddy fuck your little slut whore of daughter and get me pregnant" I told him as got up off his lap revealing my bald pussy that was dripping wet from girl cum.

"Patty, you are my baby girl, first of all and I will not fuck my own flesh and blood, second of all you should never called yourself and slut or a whore, you are daddy's princess girl."

I said to daddy "ok you say you don't want to fuck me to make me a mommy but your cock says it does, look daddy your cock is rock hard, so I am not your slut whore, I am your princess daughter so you don't have to fuck me, but your princess daughter would love to have her handsome king make love to her and make her his loving queen to bear him his Royal offspring. Now will you make me your queen daddy?"

Daddy could not resist my naked body anymore so he forgot about the game picked me up lowered his pants and underwear revealing to me his 8" cock before he fucked, he made love to me, he plunged his tongue deep inside my love box, and licked me until I came four times then he mounted and make love to me, my daddy, my king, he fucked the living daylights out of me, and he technically did do this because we started making love "fucking" at 11 am and ended our fuck session at 1 am the next morning 15 minutes before mom got home.

We were fucking about every 1 hour that first day of our love making, and it was made with great success, as on March 3 one day before my 19th birthday I gave birth to the first of 12 children by my daddy, my king, my common law husband Warren James Young, all our children are almost 1 year apart as I always have stopped breastfeeding them when they about 3 months old to give daddy a better chance of getting his princess girl pregnant once again.

Mom is still working as an ER nurse I am just now weening Amber Jolene from my breast as my 12 year old Warren is busy entertaining his brothers and sisters, daddy is busy stroking his cock getting ready to try and breed me his princess girl again with baby number 13, I have fucked some boys in my life and yes people around town think I am a slut whore for having so many babies at such a young age.

As for Billy he got into trouble at the age of 24 when he was caught fucking a 15 year old girl and sent to prison where the inmates found out why he was there and found dead in the laundry room with his asshole dripping like 6 gallons of cum and a broom handle sticking out of his ass. It serves the little prick right as far as I see it, he could have had it all, if he would have wanted to father my babies, but at least I found my king.

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