Loving Son

by CeCe (MS)

Jesha was on top of his mom, fucking his hard penis into her nude ebony body.

“Uhhhh – Jesha,” Teesha moaned with pleasure as her wet snatch was being assaulted relentlessly by her son’s maleness.

“I love fucking my dick in you, mom,” Jesha told her pridefully. Like any boy he found it so satisfying to be having sex with his own mom, to have his erect penis plunging into her vagina.

“And I love having your hard dick in me,” she said back without shame or embarrassment to have him between her legs, and to be able to experience this intimacy with her own son.

That morning, like so many other mornings, it felt wonderful to be nakedly passionate together.

She ran her hands over her son’s lean deep brown body, and squeezed his tight, muscular flexing buttocks.

“Oh, honey … you’re going to make you mom cum,” Teesha said.

“I love making you cum.”

“Ohhh … just keep fucking me. It’s about to happen.”

Jesha gave her every inch of his large thick black dick, thrusting his organ into hers.

“Ahhhhhh … AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” She cried out, pushing her hips upward in the throws of her wild wet orgasm, her hands grasping his buttocks to make his penis go as far as it could into her. “AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”

“Yeah, mom … yeah … …” Jesha said, encouraging his mother’s orgasm as he continued to fuck her.

“OHHHH!” she gasped and turned her head from side to side, straining as she climaxed.

Jesha felt her excitement making his boner even more rigid if that was even possible. The boners that he got with his mom were always huge and so enormously stiff.

Suddenly her sexual achievement concluded and she collapsed onto the bed.

Jesha fucked his boner into his mom’s unmoving body bringing his organ to a throbbing and gushing wet ejaculation.

“Uhhhh …” he grunted as the powerful surges of his semen repeatedly sent his sperm deep into his mom.

“Oh, honey …” she breathed as she felt his reproductive release taking place inside of her to provide her with female fulfillment. “Oh, yes … give me your sperm … give me your sperm …”

“I am, mom …” Jesha assured as his penis did just that.

“Oh, Jesha … with my son that feels so wonderful!” Teesha told him.

When it was over, they both felt so pleased with their love making, and by how special it was as mother and son share this intimacy.

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