Loving Mom

by Erik (WA)

“Oh, darling …” Carol said to her son as they sat naked together on the sofa in her apartment, and he was feeling her bare breast while she was holding his large stiff penis.

Jason smiled. “It’s nice being with you like this, mom.”

“You know,” she said, “if it wasn’t for this whole Covid thing, we would have never done this together.”

“I know,” he agreed.

When the pandemic had started and the lockdown had begun, the two of them had started spending more time together. She was forty-five and long divorced from his father, and he was twenty-two. Somehow, just being isolated like they had been, it had been delightful and easy for them to think of their enjoying something more intimate in their mother-son relationship. It had been quite wonderful to get naked together and then to engage in intercourse.

They kissed warmly on the lips and she laid back against the soft cushion of the sofa, putting her legs apart. Taking a hold of his erection, Jason got on top and gently eased his stiff male length into his mom’s receptively wet depths, once more pleasingly finding his penis in her vagina.

“Oh, darling …” she breathed. “Your penis feels so good in me.”

“It feels so good to have my penis in you, mom.”

He looked down at her and they both smiled and kissed again.

This had nothing with him taking his absent father’s place. Rather it was just between him and his mom as a woman, and his being able to show his feelings and appreciation using his penis with her like this, just as it was for her to use her vagina with him in such a personally accommodating way.

Jason began to fuck his large stiff erection in and out and they both loved the sexual interaction taking place between the two of them. It did not seem at all forbidden for them to do this together, but rather like a mother and son should enjoy with each other.

Carol was amazed by how wonderfully free and uninhibited she felt with her son. Certainly, she would have never fucked like this right there in the living room on the sofa like this in the afternoon with his father. And Jason loved letting his own mom feel just how big and stiff his penis could be with her.

Again, and again his reproductive organ plunged into hers with a telling intimacy over what this meant physically, even it would not result in his fertilizing her. The significance of doing that as mother and son was not lost. It was so special, as many mothers and sons knew and discovered. In fact, these days, it was become more common for divorced mothers to experience intercourse with their own sons and was found to be such an appealing thing to do.

Quickly Carol felt her clitoris become large and enormously aroused.

“Oh,. Honey …”

She squeezed her eyes shut and put her head back on the cushion as she felt her son bringing her to a climax as he always did.

“Oh … Oh … AHHHH! AHHHH!” she choked as she lay there impaled by her son’s erection and her naked body went into spasms.

“Oh, yeah, mom … I want you to come,” Jason told her as he continued to fuck her.


Then she went limp beneath him and Jason quickly took his erection all the way in her. It was so unbelievably satisfying to put his sperm into the vagina which had brought him into the world. There was nothing else like it for him to do that, or for her to receive her son’s biological liquid.

“Uhhh … Uhhhh … Uhhhh,” Jason groaned as his stiff male organ throbbed his semen out in repeated surges.

Gloriously their release ended and thy both laid there nakedly in each other’s arms.

“Oh … Oh, darling …” She breathed. “I’ve never been fucked like this before.”

“It’s so wonderful fucking you, mom,” Jason said.

They kissed and held one another in a moment of ultimate pleasure and satisfaction.

While the whole Covid pandemic was a terrible thing, in all of that they had found a way to celebrate their mother and son bond and now had no desire to ever stop. As he lay there on top of her with his penis wetly in her vagina.

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