Loving Mom: Part 4

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

Mom gave birth to our second son while in the hospital mom grabbed my dick and said now we have to work on making our daughter.
Mom said you know my clock is ticking away for babies tick tick tick so we need to get a move on.

To help mom with this baby I took two weeks vacation doctors told mom same thing as first no vagina penetration for six to eight weeks even though he and I both knew that was not going to happen.
I was thinking maybe three to four weeks at most.

Took mom home and second day she was jerking me off and sucking my dick by third day I was deep in her throat or balls deep in her slut ass.
I knew for sure grandpa was right mom was a nympho slut and loved being a sex toy any way she could get dick she went for it.

I must say I was loving the way mom loved my hard dick which made me just like her.
I stayed two weeks and mom kept me weak most of the time she damn sure kept me drained of cum. She seem more hornier than usual even tried to get me to see if her pussy could handle my dick at two weeks after our son's birth.

Even though I was tempted to get balls deep in her hot wet pussy I fought the urge and went back home for two weeks then took a week sick leave to spend with mom.
I guess I did not lie about being sick all I could think about at the time was a week of sex with mom most people think that would be sick. I am not one of those people.

I was right soon as I got in the door mom was all over me stripping my clothes off and me stripping her. With in ten minutes I had her on couch eating her pussy and her sucking my dick best 69 we had in weeks.
Soon as we cum I went to check on the babies both still asleep so we moved to the bedroom and continued our sex fest.

Mom was very hungry for dick the way she was going after it you think she been years without dick in her pussy when it was just a little over a month since her pussy had my dick balls deep in her.
Of course me being her loving son I was determined to give her all the hard dick my 22 year old body could handle in a week also any hole mom wanted it in.

Every time I would fuck mom's pussy she be saying fuck mom baby make us a daughter to play with our son's later.
I filled mom's pussy as often as I could with baby juice also hoping to give mom what she wanted a daughter.
Then mom said we need to hurry if we going to make two daughters before my clock stop ticking on my old pussy.

I told mom the way she fucks her clock be ticking long after I go limp and I do believe that as horny as mom is she be fucking way in her senior years.
I was also thinking she might even fuck me to death before my time at the rate we where going.

After a week of sex with mom I was wore down some but was still ready to fuck mom any time she wanted it but had to go back to work.
Few months later we found out mom was pregnant again then few more months we found out for twins couple months after that twin girls where born mom had the two daughters she wanted.

We decided at that time we had Plenty kids now 4 would be the magic number so mom got fixed.
After the twins where born I helped mom for two weeks then hired a nanny to help her out which caused problems for our privacy.

I talked with mom and we decided that we move in together and terminate the nanny.
I got with my company and transferred to another state mom sold her place in Texas and I sold my place in Louisiana we now live in Missouri as husband and wife.

Mom's friend's ask her how she hooked such a young trophy husband like me.
Mom told them his mom was a nice person and gave me to her as a lover at first then as her husband.

When they ask me if that is so I tell them yes I have the nicest mom in the world and the hottest sexiest wife in the world.
Some times mom would tell them every now and then she have to be my mom too and they think she is joking so we all laugh about it.

If they only knew the whole story!!!


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