Loving Mom: Part 3

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

When I was 20 years old I started having sex with my mom. We fucked ate and sucked each other every night for 3 months.
Nine months almost to the first day mom gave birth to our son.

When mom gave birth to our son, I took a weeks vacation to help her get back on her feet again until she could care for our son.
When mom had the baby doctor told her no vagina penetration for six weeks.

Mom was not one to wait weeks for hard dick much less wait six weeks.
Just 3 days after having our son mom said there is more than one way to skin a hard dick than with my pussy as mom took my dick in her mouth balls deep.

During that week mom sucked my dick many times and she also rode my dick balls deep in her ass saying my doctor didn't say six weeks from anal sex so fuck my ass Bob fuck it hard you know how I like it now give it to me hard.

For four days and nights I was either fucking mom's throat or fucking her ass. Some times I would lick her clit and slit slowly until she cum huge loads since she was not getting dick in her pussy she cum more than usual.

After helping her for a week mom was ready to take on the new role as new mom I went back to Louisiana job.
Three weekends after that week I visited mom for a weekend which made it four weekends after mom gave birth to our son.

Soon as I walked in the door she started French kissing me knowing that make me ready to fuck in seconds. She broke the kiss and said it is time for you to put that thick dick in my pussy and fill me with dick and cum. I said mom you know doctor said six weeks at least.

Mom said I know my pussy better than the doctor my pussy is wanting your dick and it is ready for your dick.
Mom grabbed me by the hand and led me to her bed she started taking my shirt off over my head and undoing my pants button and zipper.

Dropped my pants to the floor I kicked them off with my boxers then pulled her shirt over her head she only had panties on I dropped them she kicked in the corner and dropped to her knees sucking my dick even though it was hard as a rock already. She stood up pushed me in the bed I got all the way in bed she got in bed I got between her legs licked her pussy and clit thinking I would just eat her and not take a chance hurting her but she kept saying come fuck your mom baby it will be alright to hit my pussy hard.

I climbed up playing with her tits and rubbing her clit and she grabbed my dick and pulled me to her pussy by the dick when my dick head felt the lips of mom's pussy I could not stop but I did take it easy going in and doing slowest fucking I have ever done in my life done that a few minutes knowing mom liked it hard and fast. Mo in a loud pissed voice said damn son stop playing around give me one of your good hard fucking like you always do.

I did speed up a little but not good enough for mom.

She hollered stop get off let me on top never heard mom mad during fucking before so I got off quick then she said lay on bed on your back and she climbed on my hard 8" very thick dick and she rode it like she was riding a wild horse think she gave best cowgirl ride I ever got.

We both cum at the same time that is when I knew my mom's pussy was ready for action again.
During the night she said we can't mess around baby mom want her daughter and we have to do this while my clock is ticking don't know how much longer the baby clock will tick.

We spent the weekend fucking sucking and eating even threw in a few ass fucking mom loves her ass poundings too.
Nine months later give or take a day or two mom gave birth to our second son.

During the hospital visit when no one else around she said now we have to work on two daughters that mean we have to get started as soon as possible tick tick tick with big smile on her face.

Not sure but I think she would have let me start then. LOL

I am starting to think maybe grandpa was right my mom is a nympho and she loving her young sex toy now that grandpa can't be her sex toy any more guess I have to man up since I would never say no to mom.


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